worst beauty guru fails…. like ever

worst beauty guru fails…. like ever and James Charles Nikkie tutorials bretman Rock compilation

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  1. 2.52 wtf is he doing in that video clip

  2. hi

  3. Wy is there so much hate on James Charles

  4. 4:02 Jeffree can twerk, 3:56 is literally the definition of twerking with your back in this clip tho, like sis, ITS NOT CUTE

  5. fast web = someone who sits on their ass watching beauty gurus and pointing our bad things that are so obviously jokes then making a horrible compilation just to make themselves feel better

  6. Like, do you have any positive videos about people in your channel? just asking…

  7. Sister James…please stop…still like him though, and people shouldn't be hating

  8. ya idk i mean personally i don't like looking at jc's ass either but he's just feelin himself

  9. I think James confidence is more important than being good because confidence is the sexiest thing in the world

  10. 11:20
    just sayin he sounds pretty good when hes actually singing
    idk why that clips in this vid. not a fail.

  11. I didn’t hear “ consiller “ enough times

  12. is that ok to wear in public?

  13. 0:000:21 (or whatever) she had a request from others that was HIGHLY requested from her fans don't count her as a fail… At all she did what her fans wanted and no I don't like beauty gurus I just day the truth..

  14. clearly biased video. all the big “news” channels are now.

  15. These aren‘t at all „Make-up“ Fails

    This ain‘t it, Chief…

  16. What are you on about James slayed cochella

  17. Ok but james is actually hot he hust acts stupid and thats him lmao

  18. Literally this is just a video of hate on nikki and James

    Definitely a dislike on this vid for me

    No reason to hate people for being themselves

  19. Admit it, James can shake his flat ass better than any of us including me

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