worst beauty guru fails…. like ever

worst beauty guru fails…. like ever and James Charles Nikkie tutorials bretman Rock compilation



Анастасия Бурлакова says:

2.52 wtf is he doing in that video clip

Zoe Clemes says:

Wy is there so much hate on James Charles

Shereen ASMR & DIY says:

4:02 Jeffree can twerk, 3:56 is literally the definition of twerking with your back in this clip tho, like sis, ITS NOT CUTE

Gabriella Thomas says:

fast web = someone who sits on their ass watching beauty gurus and pointing our bad things that are so obviously jokes then making a horrible compilation just to make themselves feel better

fUck says:

Like, do you have any positive videos about people in your channel? just asking…

person human says:

Sister James…please stop…still like him though, and people shouldn't be hating

Lexi Bowen says:

ya idk i mean personally i don't like looking at jc's ass either but he's just feelin himself

Trinity Anderson says:

I think James confidence is more important than being good because confidence is the sexiest thing in the world

leaping wolf says:

just sayin he sounds pretty good when hes actually singing
idk why that clips in this vid. not a fail.

B says:

I didn’t hear “ consiller “ enough times

MegaHoundoom Moon says:

is that ok to wear in public?

Drug Lord says:

0:000:21 (or whatever) she had a request from others that was HIGHLY requested from her fans don't count her as a fail… At all she did what her fans wanted and no I don't like beauty gurus I just day the truth..

Sums.14 says:

clearly biased video. all the big “news” channels are now.

giulia luane says:

These aren‘t at all „Make-up“ Fails

This ain‘t it, Chief…

I'm just trying to be relatable lol says:

What are you on about James slayed cochella

Diamond Calvillo says:

Ok but james is actually hot he hust acts stupid and thats him lmao

Lanybug 27 says:

Literally this is just a video of hate on nikki and James

Definitely a dislike on this vid for me

No reason to hate people for being themselves

I_got_TAE_to_spill _bring_the_SUGA_and_the_KOOKIES says:

Admit it, James can shake his flat ass better than any of us including me

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