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Hey, guys! Today’s video is all about what your body is telling me! Your body will often show visual signs if you are not healthy so here’s a list of the top signs to look out for. Disclaimer: if you have one of these physical appearance warning signs it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the disease but it does mean that you should have a conversation with your doctor. Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶ https://goo.gl/87kYq6

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** The information in this video is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained in this video is for general information purposes only and does not replace a consultation with your doctor.

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  2. Your thoughts on iridology. :Doctor?

  3. Hey…Dr. Mike ..I have a constant cold that never goes away along with dried cough.Sometimes blood comes out with the mucus….which is happening more these days..Help,please.

  4. I'm here bc I think he's hot in here bc bitch I might be dying

  5. What about nail fungus

  6. " hey girl " ….. whoah I can't breathe …..

  7. I have a yellow spot on the white of one of my eyes. Its been there for years. I should probably get it checked out. Haha.

  8. Hey Girl — Blushes without the Blushing… Physically i don't Rose up for a Blushing Moment (i don't think so anyways)

  9. My mother has rosacea :’) I sometimes get red also

  10. 7:22 I am… lowkey jealous, but she legit looks terrified I feel so bad for her omg lmao

  11. Lmao I'm odd. I tried to kill myself last year. 50 pills of vyvance. High mg. I have an eating disorder yet still am fat. I have a shattered tail bone. I'm always dizzy. I get sick too much. I drink water once every two days. When I eat, it's ramen. I'm stressed. And the doctors say I'm fine. Lmao go off sis

  12. Hey Dr.Mike, is it a sign that you have poor circulation if you're hands and feet get cold very fast compared to the rest of your body?

  13. I lose a looooot of hair, definitely more than people normally would and I have a thyroid disease, do you think the things could be connected?

  14. Skin. Paused the vid. Typed the answer. Play.

  15. Please no more teeth brushing, lmao I'm sorry I love watching but that turns my stomach. Lol my brother used to chase me around the house with his messy brushing in the morning. It scared me for life lmao.

  16. I feel like I’m back in science when you said homeostasis (I’m in 7th grade)

  17. Hey Dr. Mike,
    I'm 22 years old, in college, married, and have one son. I have always been healthy, but lately I've been experiencing problems. I don't have health insurance and I have several medical bills that I need to pay off before I can go back to the doctor. Could I share some of my problems with you?

    Thank you!

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