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What is the prostate + What does the prostate do + What is BPH + What is the PSA Test + What are Prostate Cancer Symptoms + What are Prostate cancer treatments are questions all answered in this video! Scroll down for the full breakdown of the prostate.

0:36 – Who has a prostate?
1:00 – Anatomy Overview
1:47 – What is the prostate?
3:00 – What is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH or Enlarged Prostate?
3:58 – BPH Symptoms
4:19 – BPH Treatment
5:06 – What is Prostate Cancer?
6:26 – Prostate Cancer Diagnosis
6:45 – Prostate Cancer Treatment
7:11 – Prostate Specific Antigen or PSA screening
10:10 – Prostate Exam or Digital Rectal Exam (DRE)

Hey all, Doctor Mike here! The prostate is a truly a misunderstood organ/gland. Not many people understand what the prostate does or what the prostate is. What makes the issue even more complex is what can go wrong with it. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate is a common condition that affects millions of lives. BPH treatments have several approaches that I discuss in this video. Prostate cancer is the number one cancer in men and not many people know the prostate cancer symptoms or the prostate cancer treatments. I’m sure many of you have heard of a prostate exam but not everyone knows the evidence behind it. The Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test is also very common but is not as good as you may think in extending or improving life.

I hope you enjoy my breakdown of this complex but important topic!

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Disclaimer: Information within this video is not intended to be used in place of medical advice from your personal physician to guide your treatments. The opinions mentioned here are solely that of Doctor Mike and should be used for entertainment purposes only. You should ALWAYS consult your physician prior to making any healthcare decisions.


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Jessica Stevens says:

This was so well explained and I learnt a lo

Dalton mills says:

I have an enlarged prostate and blood in my urine. I'm taking antibiotics to bring it down. Can you tell me why is it so painful?

Erica Garcia says:

I wish there was a stronger push for men’s health efforts in the larger media. We hear so much about important women’s health topics(breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc), but rarely do you see men’s health topics talked about on TV other than in ED commercials. My dad is a prostate cancer survivor, and I am so glad his PA decided to run a PSA during his yearly physical because it saved his life. He was able to see a urologist and have his elevated PSA thoroughly investigated to rule out the possibility of an infection prior to having the biopsy. He was treated by Dr. Pisters (oh, the irony of his name!) at MD Anderson and remains cancer free a year later.

Catherine Ives says:

But females have a prostate the skenes gland?

Barock Johnson says:

4:16, don’t you get stones from salt? Doesn’t urine also back up into the kidneys to infect it?

Halle Choi says:

You should make a video on HPV and cervical cancer and maybe discuss how cool it is that doctors learned how to diagnose patients with HPV using pap smears and microscopes before we even knew what DNA or viruses were!

Guillaume Thomas says:

1 April but really good video

malec is my otp says:

wow i'm only a ten year old girl…

Yovan Cahoolessur says:

Great now I wont be able to sleep tonight

Emily Cobain says:

Thank you so much for this video.Recently my dad was found with a tumor on his prostate and all I know is that he has a 4 at psa and 7 I think at gleason.I dont know if thats bad or good but they tell me its gonna be ok :p .Anyway,I just wanted to thank you because you explained with very simple words things that I wanted to know about it 🙂 <3

M. Evripidou says:

What i know about prostate: men' g-spot 🙂

AdmiringObserverR says:

I definitely learned some things in this video and I thought I knew quite a but about the prostate. Will you do a video on the thyroid, and Hashimoto’s / Grave’s disease?

mohnish vishal says:

@drMike what do you think about direct primary care Vs traditional reimbursements .. and how the hell were you able to buy a sports car live in nice apartment in NY just after residency in fucking FAMILY MEDICINE …do you do hospitalist job or something !? …just doesn't make sense … No offence meant

Talita Jacobs says:

Thank you for all the information. My fiancé’s father has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and they recommended the removal of the prostate, because he has a very aggressive fast growing cancer. What do you think of this surgery? And do you think my fiancé should have his checked out? He is 36. I would REALLY appreciate your input. I enjoy your chanel a lot, all the way from South Africa.

Chade Fallstar says:

80 dislikes? That's 80 people who recently received a DRE.

CakeSlime says:

Hardest Try Not To Laugh Challenge for kids

abba aly says:

I am a medical student and I am currently shadowing in a family practice clinic. I needed clarification on your opinion on refraining from testing PSA due to the mentioned reasons. All insurances require/recommend us to check PSA for a man having his annual physical. Could you clarify what preventative measure there is, if any, to check for prostate cancer since you say both the DRE and PSA are inaccurate?

Leslie Montemayer says:

Thanks for another informative video. I watched this with my husband. You answered a lot of questions he has been uncomfortable talking to his doctor about. Your videos have helped educate us in other topics too such as hypertension and vitamins. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us. Our love and respect always….❤️

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