What is High Blood Pressure? | New Hypertension Guidelines! | Doctor Mike

Hey, guys! I’m switching things up this week and giving you a simple breakdown of what hypertension or high blood pressure is all about. A very common question I get from my patients is, what is high blood pressure or what is hypertension and they are the same question! Doctors refer to hypertension as the silent killer and for a good reason! High blood pressure increases risks of many diseases and shortens your life significantly. I also discuss the new hypertension guidelines and how they impact your high blood pressure treatment. Many hypertension treatments are available and need to be discussed with your family medicine doctor. I also touch upon high blood pressure causes as there are natural ways to treat hypertension. High blood pressure is a complex topic with almost no symptoms and if there’s anything I missed in the video, hit me in the comments section. Please share this video with your friends and family and give it a like! Stay healthy and happy!

DASH Diet Info: https://familydoctor.org/the-dash-diet-healthy-eating-to-control-your-blood-pressure/

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Terri Johnson says:

I have been on bp medicine for 24 years every since the birth of my last daughter keeping that blood pressure in check is very serious nothing to play with.

Arjuma Shashi Talukdar Chandni says:

hello, I just want to know that …how many times a person should check his/her Blood pressure in a week???

Charity Ware says:

Hey doctor mike I was wondering if you could do a video on the dash diet because my cardiologist said I need to be on that diet and when I try to look it up on google it doesn’t really help me

Mikoken says:

I am a a bit higher than regular smoker, I smoke from 6 to 10 cigarettes a day and my doctor have checked my blood pressure several times over the years and it's always low from 57/85 up to 65/90 always between those and my heart skips a beat around per minute and he said my heart is very healthy and that I will live pretty long. I don't really know what to believe though.

Micah Buzan says:

Thinking about high blood pressure gives me high blood pressure :/

Jayant says:

I am, 20…. I am hypertension patient… Pls help

deborah buchanan says:

hey Dr. Mike is it true that energy drinks cause you to have a heart attack at a young age?

Catherine Pham says:

Thank you for these videos, you’re saving lives! I can’t be more thankful

Pink BigFan says:

Wow i never thought i'll enjoy learning medical stuff. Doctor Mike keep up the good work. Stay handsome and healthy! Thank you for educating us too!

Dr Onyinye Mbata says:

High blood pressure is THE silent killer…great video. Also checkout

Grace G says:

Hi Doctor! I was wondering if you can do an educational video of high platelet count. I recently went to the doctor and he told me they were really high. What is the cause of this? What can I do to avoid this? I have always been healthy. My doctor gave me for two months a baby aspirin everyday. He said when I go next time and they are still elevated I have to go see a hematolgist?

lailatul khikmah says:

is it true that bee venom can kill the HIV virus? have you heard that?

Eugenia S says:

awesome content dr mike! please make more medicine related videos

buddy says:

This channel is full of desperate pathetic females LOL

EK Lim says:

how about bp peak at night whether awake or sleep ? circadian rhythm related ?

exquisite rebellious says:

What if it runs in family. im sick of this disease

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