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Hey, guys! Today, I’m sharing with you what I actually eat in a day. My schedule can get hectic but I still try to eat a balanced, nutritious diet and foods that I genuinely enjoy! Want to see more videos about nutrition or fitness? Let me know in the comments below. Subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶ https://goo.gl/87kYq6

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Whole Wheat Toast – 110
1/2 Avocado – 117
2 tbs Lite Cream Cheese – 60
2 oz Smoked Salmon – 70
TOTAL: 357 Calories

Perfect Bar Almond Butter – 300

Steak – 190
Brown Rice – 100
Black Beans – 120
Mild Salsa – 20
Guacamole – 200
Cheese – 100
Lettuce – 10
TOTAL: 740

20 Almonds – 140
1 cup Carrots – 52
TOTAL: 192

12 piece Sushi with Brown Rice – 480
TOTAL: 480


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A Full Fat Production

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  1. This just confirms the old stereotype that Drs dont know much about nutrition

  2. Is that soaked almond or dried?? …#doctor mike

  3. 2:52 Attack on Titan?

  4. 0:38 “get your essential fatty asses”

  5. Where can I pick up “Dr. Mike’s meal planner”?!

  6. K stop being funny too?! N ur a docta! Just not fair:(

  7. Did you really just say you eat "light cream cheese"? If you're going to eat dairy, eat full fat dairy. Dairy that is "low fat", "fat free" ect, is unnatural. No cow has ever been found to be fat free or reduced fat.

  8. Dr. Mike Mouse-shavski

  9. Sooooo my frozen waffles for breakfast wasn’t the healthiest choice you say.

  10. Did anyone else just click on the vid cause he looked hot

  11. Jesus that drawer in in 1:09 really disturbed me… 🙂

  12. Dr mike is there anyway you could do a video on what nutrition classes drs are required to take in medical school? I watch documentaries on health stuff-food, eating, farming etc …, and a good majority say drs are not taking nutritional classes in school.

  13. "Ma! The meatloaf!" You are hilarious, Doctor Mike. (But, seriously, that could've been me and my dear Mom, who made the bestest ever meatloaf….) But I Liked at the mouse with your face on it…*Thank You* for truly caring enough to create these EXCELLENT videos! Oh, yeah, and since you are so on point regarding nutrition, could you please keep making videos of this nature? Blessings.

  14. Quagmire was a nice touch lol. Pretty funny.

  15. Love that you are keeping it real, practical and simple with what you eat.

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