Weird Beauty Secrets Around The World Which Will Help You Channel Your Inner Beautician

Weird Beauty ‘Secrets’ Around The World Which Will Help You Channel Your Inner Beautician

Everybody has their own beauty ‘secrets’ which they NEVER share with anyone because let’s face it everybody wants to be beautiful, sometimes sharing is not caring! There are many beauty secrets from the around the world, which prove why women of specific ‘ethnicities’ are particularly beautiful.

These are tried and tested beauty secrets which can help you achieve that ‘super-sexy’ look as well! We have curated a list of weird yet amazing beauty secrets from different countries which will open up a different gateway of beauty for you!

Brazilian women are quite famous for their toned bodies and ‘apple bottoms’, well their secret trick is that they scrub their bodies with beach sand! Yes!

On the beach or not, sand is a great way to exfoliate skin and it makes your skin super glowing! They sometimes mix sand with olive oil as well to scrub their beautiful bodies!

Native Americans used ‘Corn’, YES CORN!
Their special ‘coarse blue’ corn is a great cleanser and was used by brides to be to exfoliate their skin. Corn also purifies the skin.

Matcha is the pressed form of ‘green’ tea which is harvested using special techniques. Match tea masks has more than 10x power than regular green tea. Matcha mixed with honey or rosewater makes a face pack to die for!

Okay so may be this is something which a lot of people do during winters for sure but it is a great trick to clean the body to get rid of dead skin. English women use wet towels to exfoliate and get rid of the dead skin and it surely works for them!

Wrapping Sea weeds is a common ritual amongst the beautiful French damsels. The pulp of sea weeds reduces fat deposition in your body, removes toxins and decreases water retention. It can be used as a mask for skin as well as hair.



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