We Tried Putting On Fake Eyelashes In Seconds • Beauty Roulette • LadyLike

“I have shaky hands!”

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This Post Has 16 Comments

  1. Jen obviously wins aduhhhhhhhhh

  2. —__—__—__—__—

  3. I AM A GOD I can’t put fake lashes on in 20 seconds

  4. I love LadyLike you guys should do a series where you try eating different foods but in the dark and maybe guess what they are. Love you!

  5. I love Kristin and freddie

  6. we all know Chantel was disappointed when she didn't win

  7. lol for a second I thought the 115 seconds was 15 and I immediately thought "SPOOON!!"

  8. jennnnn is my mooodddd

  9. putting on lashes is actually really easy lmao

  10. Jen is so pretty

  11. Same jern, same

  12. Jen is a whole mood

  13. There are two types of people in this world when applying fake lashes. Chantel, and Jen. I’m Jen.

    Love Freddy, but Chantel deserved to win this challenge. She had the least amount of time, looked like a pro, and actually got to the mascara

  14. Jen wins end of story

  15. Lady a-glued

  16. I love beauty roulette and I will never stop making them and I will never win one and I will never stop shouting it to the world!! –Kristin

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