We Tried 1950’s Beauty Tips

“We’re about to get tea-bagged.”

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Down To Eartha
Central Press/Getty Images
Dorothy Dandridge
Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Down To Eartha
Central Press/Getty Images
Prelinger Archives /Getty Images
Prelinger Archives /Getty Images
Prelinger Archives/Getty Images
Ivory Soap Commercial
Prelinger Archives/Getty Images
1954 two teen girls in malt shop smiling as boy with hamburger sits down next to them
Prelinger /Getty Images
Screen star/singer Dorothy Dandridge wearing a white fur wrap in undated publicity still. Dorothy was the singing star of the 1954 film ‘Carmen Jones.’
Bettmann/Getty Images
Movie Poster At The ‘Grease’ Premiere
WireImage House /Getty Images



Lacy Hay says:

You gotta think back in the day the fifties housewives took care of the house and didn't have spas and such so they did all of that as a way to pamper themselves.

Aisha Abdallah Kibwana says:

I like how they said it was rigorous and so much work. Guess they've never heard of Korean 10-step beauty routines. lol

Arianna Sings Songs says:

I love tea bags on my eyes tbh

Jack Celi says:

It just goes to show you that the old way is still some of the best ways. And young people need to get over themselves

Noiknowscooking101 says:

i love ponds cold cream!!!!!!

kaepbtsjjang says:

Ponds is great

No Name says:

Guessing buzzfeed keeps changing their name.

Emione Herrera says:

Way too much? Ask the Koreans, it's not enough.

Marilyn Hernandez says:

My facial routine I use ponds cold cream witch hazel and rose water that's it the best

Antonio Perez says:

Ponds is awesome use my moms.

sophia jordan says:

Who was the girl with the shaved hair

Sophie Renne says:

The funny thing is, while it was done in the US in 1950's those methods are still commonly used in Russia 😀

Ziggily Smith says:

The obe with those huge ear rings and the wig that's gonna fly of sounded the stupidest

The Golden One says:

ponds cold cream is the truth

Linh Nguyen says:

This video has been done before.. by the same channel.

hallaa_ says:

1:44 that's called a sauna honey

macadelix says:

I hate the people in the video lack of consideration towards the 50’s. Of course, they didn’t know any better, it’s like saying “I can’t believe they used a dictionary, just use google”

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