We Tried 1950’s Beauty Tips

“We’re about to get tea-bagged.”

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Down To Eartha
Central Press/Getty Images
Dorothy Dandridge
Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Down To Eartha
Central Press/Getty Images
Prelinger Archives /Getty Images
Prelinger Archives /Getty Images
Prelinger Archives/Getty Images
Ivory Soap Commercial
Prelinger Archives/Getty Images
1954 two teen girls in malt shop smiling as boy with hamburger sits down next to them
Prelinger /Getty Images
Screen star/singer Dorothy Dandridge wearing a white fur wrap in undated publicity still. Dorothy was the singing star of the 1954 film ‘Carmen Jones.’
Bettmann/Getty Images
Movie Poster At The ‘Grease’ Premiere
WireImage House /Getty Images

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  1. You gotta think back in the day the fifties housewives took care of the house and didn't have spas and such so they did all of that as a way to pamper themselves.

  2. I like how they said it was rigorous and so much work. Guess they've never heard of Korean 10-step beauty routines. lol

  3. I love tea bags on my eyes tbh

  4. It just goes to show you that the old way is still some of the best ways. And young people need to get over themselves

  5. i love ponds cold cream!!!!!!

  6. Ponds is great

  7. Guessing buzzfeed keeps changing their name.

  8. Way too much? Ask the Koreans, it's not enough.

  9. My facial routine I use ponds cold cream witch hazel and rose water that's it the best

  10. Ponds is awesome use my moms.

  11. Who was the girl with the shaved hair

  12. The funny thing is, while it was done in the US in 1950's those methods are still commonly used in Russia 😀

  13. The obe with those huge ear rings and the wig that's gonna fly of sounded the stupidest

  14. ponds cold cream is the truth

  15. This video has been done before.. by the same channel.

  16. 1:44 that's called a sauna honey

  17. I hate the people in the video lack of consideration towards the 50’s. Of course, they didn’t know any better, it’s like saying “I can’t believe they used a dictionary, just use google”

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