We Reveal 5 Beauty Secrets Used In The Thai Beauty Regime

Thai women are known for flawless skin and long silky hair. But, what is the secret behind their shiny hair and seemingly ageless skin? It is, of course, their genes that play a significant role. Also, their healthy lifestyle and traditional (and natural) beauty secrets could be some of the reasons. But, Thailand’s tropical fruits and spices have played a very important part in enhancing their beauty for centuries. Here we share five amazing Thai beauty secrets that will give you that perfect skin and hair.1. Turmeric: Turmeric is one of the key ingredients in Thai beauty regime. It is used as a great facial cleaner. Add water to turmeric powder and mix it well to make a paste. Spread this mixture all over the face, and rub it well for around 5 minutes. This will add a glow to your skin and will give you a fresh look throughout the day. This is also a decent solution for skin inflammation and other skin issues.



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