Trying Japanese Lip Products


I tried out some interesting Japanese lip/beauty products! What do you think?? Would you try these out??? 💋

The red lips remind me of Miranda Sings 😂


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Thanks for watching!



Frederick König says:

These lip "things" are only to stay slim! While you wear it, you can't eat anything…. Strange gadgets!!

Happy Anniversary to you; @TokyoBriBri !!

But what was in the golden package of Day4??

PS: No, I won't try it!!

migchiel faber says:

it still the 4th here, so happy birthday!! 😉

Enigma Dave says:

I can't believe that someone, somewhere thought either of these was a good idea! Your point about Chapstick matched my first thought when I first saw you attempting to apply the lip film thingie, and it just kept falling off. Also, you can put Chapstick on in a few seconds rather than however long you wore the film. The video did make me laugh, so I guess it was not a complete loss.

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