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  1. "I don't like anything on my face" two minutes later…shoves taco Bell sauces in mouth and gets it all over face…ME

  2. If I see someone with blue eyes I might be like wow your eyes are like blueberries

  3. That recap at the end though

  4. I love these hack videos and by far my favorite are your trying girl products!! Esp the ones featuring kiersten !! Anyone else #relate?!!

  5. I love jif peanut butter so much but I can't eat it because I'm allergic ; -;

  6. The cotton thing actually works but that's not how you do it, you apply actual MASCARA on first, you get a clean eyelash brush and brush the cotton on it so it kinda sticks on the brush and you just brush your eyelashes with it and apply mascara again. It removes all the unnecessary mascara from your lashes.

  7. 2019 … Shane still finds glitter on his chest XD

  8. “And when u leave FUCKING GLITTER TITS BITCH”

  9. You know what I whant to do I whant to invite my freind over and force her to put peanut butter all over her face and say it's a classic nourishing ritual

  10. "mishell Vieeshaszzhh"

  11. There was a Reese's peanut butter egg ad before this video!! Peanut butter everywhere!! (Close to Easter 2019)

  12. Why is there red on the paper towel?


  14. What is pink eye

  15. King of The Squirrels has a lost brother

  16. Big shock at the peanut butter face mask. Your face looks baby ass smooth so wtf is this witchcraft

  17. shane i think that “mascara” is liquid eyeliner

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