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  1. 0:41

    Oh god Shane sounding like a 12 year old

  2. Idk how you're not alone?

  3. is it me or is Shane's teeth like rlly white like damn

  4. instead of ''It Gets Worse '' ''it gets grosser''

  5. 0:31 thats a lotta damage

  6. Shanes videos are the only ones I would never skip the intro to

  7. Fun fact : Elmers glue has a cow as its mascot because in the olden day they used buffalo,bison, or cow hooves for glue

  8. Sexy Shane with the beard. OH MY!!!

  9. I died at 0:41 LMAOO

  10. Shane with a beard looks like santa

  11. Ok I feel like Shane is getting crazier….but I love it

  12. Lol good with that facial hair in this one 🙂

  13. 5:38 that laughhhhh

  14. Why the fuck does it look like shane is actually santa with that beard

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