Trying Beauty Hacks ~ Jacy and Kacy

Thank you to everyone who asked us to try some hacks. We had so much fun trying these! Should we make a trying hacks series? If so, what other hacks do you want us to try for you? We love making memories with our Beach Family! Please subscribe to become a member of our Beach Family…
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MaKenna Harmon says:

You don't need any Beauty products your already beautiful

Sheeraz Moghul says:

Do the box of lies

Lily Brunscheon says:

I love you guys so much and if you spray your nails veggie oil wash your hands it is dry in seconds

Shaniya Enam says:

what happened in kacy's hand ???

Zainab Shafiq says:

Mermaid don't cry I loved kacys shirt

Tina Arch says:

try using spam

mohammed ahmedullah says:

What happen to kacy's hand

Alondra Jimenez says:

the nail polish hack works for me.

Ashlyn Caldwell says:

What happened to Kacys arm??

Anindita Ghosh says:

What happened to kacy

NOOR Farhadi says:

Why dose kacy has bandage every were in here hand

Natalie Kibalo says:

U can use fast dry polish

Subba Rao says:

Kacy what happened to your hand

Bekah Porter says:

You posted this on my Birthday

Poonam Gade says:

Yes you should try more hack sssssss

SWilliams 28841 says:

i love that [perfume


BeachFam!!! Love yalls!

Haylee Gilardi says:

If you want your nails to dry faster you can spray your hand and nails with cooking oil then you can wipe it off

Monica Larrazabal says:

🙂 but im worried is kacy all right? And …. and what did she fall on?

Wani Hazamin says:

Please do a samyang ramen noodles challenge

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