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This mask was amazing! This video is not sponsored, just me testing this mask out! I defiantly recommend you guys to try this mask it felt amazing and its so beautiful!

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  1. Are you going back?

  2. Finally I am early !!!

  3. Okay girl please tell me how you keep your skin so glossy and glowy? It always looks so beautiful

  4. Yeah, I understand. I eat healthy, mostly vegetarian, fresh fruits and veggies 90% of the time. When I decide to venture off and consume processed and fatty foods, I don't feel as well. I can only do that for so long. Fresh fruits and veggies are a MUST for me to feel healthy. My body gets right back in order when I go back to healthy eating. You are gorgeous by the way. #USA

  5. Your skin is glistening and its beautiful

  6. Her voice is so calming ☺️ lol

  7. Great video MJ. Your skin will clear up soon it's all temporary. It does seem like it's really a helpful cleansing product.

  8. where did you get your shirt from it’s so pretty!

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