Top Tips For Healthy & Glowing Skin Ft. My Mum

My Mum’s skincare:

Hi everyone! Today my mum and I wanted to share our top skincare tips together; ones which we as daughter and mother practice ourselves and have worked for us. There is no doubt that I strongly believe what we put into our bodies makes the biggest impact on our overall health and wellbeing, and having a peaceful, happy and positive mindset also does wonders, so applying creams/products to our faces are definitely optional but choosing the right ones can make a little difference for sure. Everyone has different skin types, and as I mentioned mine is quite sensitive and a bit of a combination as well, so my skin care routine is tailored to my needs. Do what works for you, and this video is simply here to help you if you are interested in taking care of your skin (for me I see skincare as part of self-love). Always remember that you are beautiful regardless of what your skin looks like; own it and be confident in it. A healthy glow is just a bonus! Speaking of bonuses, my mum also wanted to show a bit of what goes on at her clinic, which hopefully you found interesting! Have a wonderful day everyone, and sending you all much much love xxx


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Ai Pongriyawattana says:

I can’t tell which is ur mom and which is you on the thumbnail. She looks so young and you look so beautiful!!

Riachi says:

Just because she dresses young doesn’t mean she looks young. She’s nothing special

Isa Nosa says:

I really would like to learn more about the experience of your mom with her cosmetic clinic.

Tan Em says:

Your mom needs her own channel ❤️❤️❤️

Bts V has my Heartu says:

Jasmine, do your products ship to India??

Heena John says:

I am your new subscriber
please make video for dark circles

SleeplessinOC says:

I absolutely love both your accents !! I wish my English could sound like that!

Ravi Paardhiv says:

Can I know the science behind this please

Ravi Paardhiv says:

I think you’re a dermatologist

Mad Panda says:

Guys !!!, is it possible that her mother looks under that she did a year ago?!?

Nazneen Mirza says:

I heard about Chinese that everyone drank warm water is that true

Nazneen Mirza says:

Seriously you & your mum looks like school friends seriously I wish I was like that

Sri Satyavathi says:

May i know ur moms age ? She is looking so gorgeous

Janicel Faith Dela Victoria says:

your mom looks so young. her body doesnt age..

MissBeaufort says:

where can I purchase thiese essential oils?

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