top 6 beauty secrets of japanese women

Most Japanese women, lead a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet, keep out of the sun, they drink the amazing anti- oxidant green tea on a regular basis, use Japanese skin care products and practice some form of meditation techniques which brings them inner peace.
Apply these 6 Japanese face glowing tips and your skin will look better.
Adzuki bean
Adzuki beans powder is prefect exfoliator for gently buffing away dull, dry skin and giving you glowing and fresh skin. They remove dead skin cell which can cause the skin to look dull and old. It gives smooth and beautifully clear complexion. Grind adzuki beans in powder form and add warm water to make a paste. Apply this scrub on a wet face and gently massage in circle for 5 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.
Skin fast
Once a week, Japanese women cleanse their face thoroughly and do not apply any moisturizer or serum and in morning wash their face using only a splash of lukewarm water.
Bath time
Japanese love to bathe. They use scrubbing on body from head to toe with an exfoliating cleanser before climbing into a steading hot bath. It is perfect for beautifying the skin.
It is good for skin and has been used from centuries. Matcha is used as facial mask, Matcha powder has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce redness of chronic skin conditions such acne and rosacea. It is gently enough for all skins.
It protects skin against free radicals that cause sun damage, dry skin, age spots and wrinkle.
Rice up your life
Rice bran is used for soften skin. It is a anti-oxidant and natural emollient, it nourishes the skin and prevents wrinkles.
Licorice root (for dark spot)
These roots contain glabridin. Licorice extract may also help diminish the appearance of dark spot under eye circles. Cool licorice tea is known to help in healing a number of skin disorders. Like dry skin, Skin rashes and eczema. It is anti – inflammatory and antiseptic properties which help to heal skin redness and inflammation. This keeps the skin younger and fresh.
How to prepare licorice tea
Boil the licorice root in water and safe this tea in fridge, apply the tea on your face using cotton then wash your face.
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