Top 10 Japanese Drugstore Skincare Products

These are the best skincare products I’ve found when I went to Japan! If you are wondering what to buy when you go to a drugstore, I recommend picking some of these up!

Suisa Beauty Clear Powder

Biore UV Aqua Rich Sunscreen

DHC Cleansing Oil

Bison Bakkanto Bath Salt

Perfect Whip Cleanser

Meg Rhythm Eye Mask

Hyaluronic Toner

Gatsby Blotting Paper

Lululun Sheet Mask

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eun says:

this is amazing!

bliffoon says:

I'm honestly excited to try these out! I am not a big fan of American brands because I feel like most of them are just scented, I notice they go with the trends and try to produce similar items quickly, and they just don't work for me as much as asain products.

Roberta Glass True Crime Report says:

I agree with you about Japanese sunscreens=the best! My jam is the Nivea Sun Protect Gel 50 (comes in a pump) and the Rohto Skin Aqua Sarafit 50.

Rochiemac says:

What would you recommend for me I have oily skin around my hairline and on my nose but I have dry skin around my nose….My hair is always oily no matter how many washes I do :/

Marisa LaBlue says:

You are extremely talented. Keep working hard & you will go far <3 Hope you can check me out as well 🙂

Cassy Dane says:

If im not wrong, the bath salt is like an onsen bath. I like how you not only show the product but you always demonstrate how to use the product. Love it!

James Taggert says:

am a dude and you look so unatural with all those layers of makeup, yuk! and that goes for all of you who uses tons of makeup…alot less attractive, because those Girls are only obsessed With one thing….themselves in the Mirror!

Yuura Asano says:

Try SunPlay baby milk
Sunscreen. It’s super cheap and a physical spf which is better for sensitive skin! And this sunscreen is hydrating and blends in really well!

N.M. says:

Thanks for this video! I'm trying to figure out which japanese skincare products are best to get so this was really helpful!

Linh linhh says:

Hi! If you are still using Senka Perfect Whip facewash, I just want to comment that you have to make a foam first before using it on your face. Take a decent amount of the product on your hand and add a lot of water, whip it until it forms a nice thick foam. It might take a lot of time and practice at first but soon enough you will get the hang of it. If you want to save your time, I would recommend a net to create foam, which is pretty cheap as well.

Ann Elisabeth says:

Hada Labo is practically never sold out in Thailand. But probably a bit more expensive. I generally buy on special. My favorite so far is the water gel.

Shirley159z says:

That senka perfect whip has a very high pH though.. not really good for your skin barrier at all.. and you should lather it until it becomes a foam before you use it on your face..

Tom nascimento vassao says:

2:44 “my foundation already has sunscreen..” — just a lil tip for y’all: the SPF (sunscreen) onyour foundation is NOT ENOUGH!!!! you have to wear sunscreen everyday under your foundation !!!

Tom nascimento vassao says:

can u make a video of where to buy this skincare in japan, and also about your favorite korean skincare?

ratchison28 says:

I can't believe she's doing a skincare vid and just said that she doesn't need sunscreen bc her foundation already has it in there. ((shudders))

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