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Hi! It’s Aja Dang thank you for watching my Top 10 Health Hacks For The Holidays video. Whether you actually celebrate Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years, these tips are great life hacks if you want to lose weight or just live a healthier life and watch what you eat. Holiday food is my favorite but we tend to overeat, these health hacks are great to use so you can still enjoy your holiday meals without over eating. These weight loss hacks are so easy that anyone in school or college can use them too because they don’t take up too much time – perfect for back to school!

While I love to do morning/night/skincare routines, look books and makeup & hair tutorials, let me know if you’d like to see more diet and fitness tips!

10 Easy Fitness Hacks You Must Try:
Top 10 Black Friday Shopping Hacks:
My Realistic Morning Routine:
Bra Essentials Video:
How To Get A Bikini Body:
How To Feel Good Naked:

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  1. These were all so helpful! I hadn't thought about ways to stay in track with eating since I've been so busy but I really appreciate hearing them! Great job, love.

  2. Happy Holidays Aja!!!

  3. these thumbnails r teases lol

  4. You should do a holiday look book 🙂

  5. youre have such a positive vibe i love it

  6. Those tights in the photo? What brand?? I love high waisted workout leggings

  7. What Is Your P O Box

  8. Hi Aja! Thanks for mentioning #7, importance of mental health. I think what you said is totally true. I get anxious seeing family and friends worrying about what they'll say or ask. But now that I know I'm not the only one, I feel a lot better! 🙂 Thanks Aja!

  9. For me drink healthy tea after to help good digestion 🙂

  10. Aja, please do a "My boyfriend does my voiceover" video 🙂

  11. Thank you for mentioning mental health in this video. I feel like that's 90% of the battle.

  12. Love you Aja Dang ❤

  13. I really like how authentic you are, congrats you've gained a new subscriber. P.S love those leggings 😀

  14. Promoting calorie restriction? Great example. EAT WHAT MAKES U FEEL GOOD, as long as it's the right foods !

  15. i am struggling with ed, but these "tips" youve mentioned… really? i dont want to say too much but i now think that this ala "fit" lifestyle is so stupid if it takes a person so much into it. just imagine if everybody may think so intense before eating and plan every single consumed calorie… it is the last thing i would have called healthy.

  16. If you are really full, drink a big glass of water, it speeds up your metabolism by providing more water molecules needed in the breakdown of food by the process of hydrolysis and surprise surprise it helps with hydration.

  17. You are such a sweet person omg haha

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