Too Faced Glow Job VS Glam Glow Gravitymud – Which is better? | BEAUTY NEWS REVIEWS

Welcome back to another episode of Beauty News Reviews! Today we are putting the Too Faced Glow Job Peel Off Mask up against the Glam Glow Gravitymud Peel Off Mask to see which glitter mask is better!

Too Faced Glow Job
Ulta US – (affiliate link)
Sephora CAN – (affiliate link)

Glam Glow Gravitymud Peel Off Mask

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Clueless Kit – The Man

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Elizabeth Pretty says:

You poor things. I still want to try the two face one though. Curious though about Kat's makeup. Is one eye yellow and one green or is it just a trick of the light?

Julie Tenoschok says:

I have the pink one glam glow one. I used it once and cant bring myself to ever attempt it again. It burned and when I managed to get it washed off my face swelled and I looked sunburnt for 3 days. My face felt raw.

Kitkatrembrandt says:

The reason why the glamglow burns is because it has lavender in it. It burns everyone, idk why companies insist on using it.

rhonwynv says:

Have you ladies ever tried any of the Korean modelling masks? They're peel off too, but with an alginate base so they're not so glue-like. I wouldn't say they're better than sheet masks necessarily but certainly better than those glittery peel offs!

Lacey Laine says:

Sadly, neither of these products have ingredients that will do anything beneficial for your skin.

Melina Barrera says:

Peel off masks never dry on my cheeks either, why is that??

Jovana Kocić says:

is someone really buying this nonsense

the_soup says:

Now try out the ELF glitter mask and see if it works as well as the expensive ones

Tara Tan says:

Legend says there’s still wet glam glow glitter on Hailey’s face

maddiboots says:

Love u gals so muchhhhh

maddiboots says:

I feel like the cheap one I buy from woolies does a better job then both of these.

MissMagic says:

Since these products came out I refuse to purchase from either brand. There is no need for glitter in skincare. All the glitter left on your face goes straight down the drain (along with any benefits if there were any) to become part of our global micro-plastics problem. Glitter in general is out of hand and the cosmetics industry really needs to check its self.


Just to clarify, we normally would not apply this much, and we definitely do not recommend using this much peel off mask. In true BN style this video is about following the instructions and testing their claims instead of giving a demo of what is best practice. We followed the instructions of "apply a generous, even layer to clean skin" and we were looking at how their marketing photos and videos that demonstrate how much to apply. The below links show that we applied a similar amount to what their marketing suggests:
Too Faced demo –
Glam Glow marketing –

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