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Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk to you about vaccine controversies that currently exist. Many people are becoming anti-vaccine and I wanted to address this anti-vaccine movement. There’s a lot of different information out there but not all of it is scientifically based. Are vaccines responsible for autism? In this episode, I will discuss some vaccine myths and truths. So here’s the fact-based truth behind the vaccines debate. Are vaccines safe? Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos every Sunday ▶

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autumn kohout says:

I wanna know what ya'll have to say about the hep b shot. Given right after birth. I have yet for someone to tell me why it's a good idea to vaccinate a newborn for hep b if the mother tests negative for it.

angelbe88 says:

Do you as an adult know if the vaccines you received as a child are still effective? If they aren't, will you then go get more boosters so you can say you are more protected? How many vaccines to the schedule will be so many that you will draw a line and say no? Thank you for your time

Mavrck2711 says:

Hey mike. Whats the cost benefit analysis on a couple that doesn't use iv drugs and doesn't step outside their marriage (so virtually no way for a newborn to contract hep b.) vs the 1 in a million adverse reaction to the hep b vaccine. You can correct me but my math says 0 risk of something adverse if the parents are responsible and 1 in a million risk of severe reaction if the kid gets the drug. Would you still advocate the hep b vaccine if the 2 adults told you they weren't going to cheat? Since your answer is certainly yes here's your follow up. What other drugs would you administer for no reason other than you don't trust the patient?

Toby Johnny says:

This is the worst time for not giving children vaxsines you got imagrints with these viruses and witch gets kids sick and then parents are stuped and dont wanna do vaxsines no more and thats why i beleive we had allthese viruses sicknesses in the past few years

Its not the imagrints faults two its just people dont vax any more witch is stuped

Sepa9 says:

Words like "mild fever", "generally", "risk", "heavy metals" and so on, should not exist when talking about vaccines! Moreover – all the "smart" promoters of vaccines have not been there, making the vaccines themselves, nor have they tried to analyze what exact componds is it made of. That makes a doctor no smarter, than your regular guy, who can read the "papers" that come with any drug…just saying…and what's that all about when Bill Gates said that, with new vaccines and drugs, "they" can take control over overpopulation problem??? More logical/critical thinking is needed from people of today!

Larry Zeka says:

Propaganda is wonderful.
Now how about you share the real stats and research from the other side that completely refute what you’ve stated. But of course that won’t happen.

kiarol rodz says:

Microbiologist here. I KNOW it's hard to understand how vaccines work, why they have the ingredients that they have and why people that get vaccinations still contract diseases. It is important to understand that medicine, as well as every other science, is not perfect. Anything that is foreign that you put into your body WILL have side effects. However, vaccines CANNOT be related to autism. Mutations are random genetic differences that may or may not cause a diverse phenotype (physical expression) of the organism. Autism cannot be induced by a vaccine because autism occurs as a result of a genetic mutation in this organisms genome. Places in the genome can be prone to be mutated and that's why we observe many people with the same phenotype (Down syndrome people suffer a mutation in their 21st chromosome, Duchenne Muscular distrophy patients suffer a mutation in their X chromosome, etc.) But that does not mean that people that consume the same chemicals (Side note: the word "chemicals" should not have a negative connotation because it is completely NATURAL that foods contain chemicals. Apples contain chemicals. Vegetables contain chemicals. We, as biological systems, are made of chemicals.) will then develop autism. It just doesn't work that way. The scientific community is working every day to make vaccinations safer and more efficient. So, yes, inform yourself before vaccinating your children but seek for the scientific facts and research so you can make the best desicion you can.

detecтιve• ғιѕнoe• says:

i heard hank's voice in the beginning!

RussianDrago says:

If people think they’re smarter than REAL doctors, than why do they go to the hospital when they get hurt when they can, obviously, take care of themselves?

Johnathan Hautz says:

Let us set aside all current evidence for a moment and say that vaccines can lead to childhood autism. First of all Autism is not one single disorder, although it used to be, it is a spectrum of disorders. Second, Autism and most disorders(I am not sure if all of them count) are genetic traits. Since Autism is a genetic trait it is something that you are born with, it is not something that you can catch later in life like you can a cold or flu. However, this being said there is always the possibility that genetic traits can lie dormant until an environmental factor causes the trait to present itself. But again even if signs of Autism only show up after being exposed to some environmental factor, it is still something that you always had, it just never presented itself. So it is literally impossible for the MMR vaccine to CAUSE Autism, however it is possible for some ingredient in the MMR vaccine to activate the genes responsible for Autism.
Now I may be a bit biased on this topic but being someone who has lived with Asperger's Syndrome (High Functioning Autism) for their entire life I feel like I can bring some salient points into the discussion. Yes it is true that Autism and other disorders that are on the Autism Spectrum are life altering, but they are not life threatening like the consequences of not giving your child the MMR vaccine. Measles alone if left untreated can lead to encephalitis or swelling in the brain which can then lead to seizures and hearing loss as well as death. Mumps if left untreated can also lead to encephalitis as well as meningitis which can be fatal. And Rubella if left untreated can lead to heart problems, loss of hearing and eyesight, intellectual damage, and damage to the spleen and liver, and for those of you who don't know the liver is a vital organ that you cannot live without and the spleen even though it is not a vital organ it is still not safe to damage it because it is basically a giant sack of blood and I am sure that I don't need to tell you that it might not be the best idea to damage a giant sack of blood. With this being said I can certainly understand where people who refuse to give their children the MMR vaccine are coming from, it is still not a good idea to put your child at risk of getting these potentially life threatening diseases. Like the one lady says in the video, it is better to have a child with Autism than it is to potentially kill your child.

TruthPrevails says:

these doctors forget they will have to stand infront of God and give an answer for what they have done. We can't trust the Government for politics, food, taxes, ETC all they do is scam and lie to people and you expect me believe them with vaccines? Ha good one! And then you try to say that they do not receive Bonuses from having every child vaccinated! Good lie. Why do you talk about the CDC doctor that came out and exposed the autism link in the MMR and actually say truthful facts. Doctors don't make money from us being healthy, they make money from us being SICK!

Shanna Salvatore says:

Everyone should watch paulthomasmd and learn about vaccines. He is a pediatrician, and goes into great detail over all of this. He warns people to not allow your children to get the MMR. Every year he will have at least one or two kids that are completely normal kids get the MMR and they return weeks later as totally different kids.

Sophia Lopez says:

Lucas r u greek? Im Greek. Did me u read my post here ? All it is is a money scheme to get as much money out of u as possible. U get the flu shot then u get sick go back to the doctors pay more money for his office visit then have to pay money for meds which make the drug companies richer. Never ending circle. No thanks

J p says:

I Was A Paramedic, & I Will Tell You That Most Doctor's Do Not Give These Shots To There Own Children, & Do Not Take Them Themselves. Also The Vaccine's Are Highly Toxic. That Is Another Reason They Do Not Allow You To Have Or See The Inserts. Like They Do With Every Other Medication. You Just Lost A Subscriber. You Are A liar, & A Paid Government Shill. Saying Vaccinations Are Safe. My Nephew Immediately Became Autistic Within 24 Hours After Receiving The Vaccination Shots. I Have Personally Seen Over 120 Infant Deaths in 24 to 48 Hours Of Receiving First vaccinations, & Over 200 Cases Of Autism With In One To Four Day's Of Receiving The Vaccinations. Why Don't You Tell The People About The Private Vaccination Fund That They Have Set Up To Pay People Who Had Children Die, & Or Get Autism Out Of. You Know The One's To Keep Parents Quiet, & Force Them To Sign Non Disclosure Agreements On. So They Cannot Sue Doctors Or The Government, & To Make Sure The Truth Cannot Come Out. You Are A Real Peace Of Work. I Thought You Where Different. Now I Know You Are Not.

Rachel Riddle says:

I had an allergic reaction to a vaccine. What's the chances my daughter might?

Los Angeles says:

If vaccines were always safe then the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program wouldn't exist. You can find case files to see the range of harm they've caused and the amount of compensation the government has had to pay as a result. The government compensation program started in the 80s because so many lawsuits against drug companies were happening because of harm caused by vaccines that it threatened the businesses of the drug companies, so they basically got a bail out by the government in the form of a compensation program to use in lieu of traditional lawsuits. Here is the program:
What's suspicious about the pro-vax stance is that they never mention this government program or the countless cases it has dealt with, or the history of the program and why it had to be put into place in the first place. These are all facts that are relevant to the argument. Imagine if any other medical treatment caused so much harm that the government had to step in to compensate patients harmed because the sheer volume of lawsuits would shut down drug companies. Anyone in their right mind would think twice before using that treatment.

Sue Brown says:

Then what happens when it triggers gbs from flu???? How do you explain that???

piecookies says:

I loved how you didn’t attack the anti vaccination people you just wanted to know why they thought the way they did. You have strong points and scientific data to inform you message. Seriously if more people addressed issues of disagreement like you did in the video I think educating people on this subject might go smoother.

CmdrFenris says:

I'm one of those people who can't receive vaccines. I have to rely on herd-immunity to stay safe. When people choose not to vaccinate, they're putting my life at risk.

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