THE JAPANESE SECRET TO HAIR LOSS DAMAGED HAIR// Battling Telogen Effluvium & Salon Madness

This is the ONE thing you need to bring back your hair from Telogen Effluvium and damaged hair! It’s a Japanese secret kept from the rest of the world and has given my hair a second chance!

All of my products I used are down below! Make sure you share this video with others who are struggling with hair problems.
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The English speaking salon that saved my hair in Tokyo!
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Petal Fresh Pure Hair Rescue (OILY HAIR)

Petal Fresh Pure Hair Rescue (ANTI-DANDRUFF)

Aphogee Serious Hair Care Double Bundle (Balancing Moisturizer and Twostep Protein Treatment)

it’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In product

Tsubaki Shiseido Extra Moist Condition

Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Hair Care Oil

Shiseido Adenovital Vital Scalp Essence V

Japanese Seaweed Hair Cleanser and Conditioner

Lebel Natural Hair Treatment RP Rice Protein – 140g (Harajuku Culture Pack)

Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair


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Michelle Lilley says:

Thank you for your honestly about Nalu! Your hair looks beautiful now!

Senpais favorite says:

Gigi ❤️

chocktachick says:

Thank you so much for talking about this. I felt very alone. I ordered a couple of the things you talked about and here is hoping they work to bring my hair back!

shermanowney1971 says:

So beautiful and gorgeous

Ms. Understand Japan says:

First, I think you're really brave to openly talk about problems you've had with your hair. I feel like a lot of women might be too embarrassed to openly point out that they've had hair loss.

Second, I'm so sad to hear that you problems with NALU. 🙁
I've always had positive experiences, but I've only gotten the straight perm and a cut. They always ask me what we did last time when I come in, and the woman who does my hair speaks English fluently (it does seem that when foreigners come in she often gets pulled away from me to consult with them in English, so maybe not all of the workers are fluent in English).

Sharday Cota says:

Is your hair still falling out

kalisteau says:

:O when you doodoo your hair??? what doo you mean? hehe… nice video thank you for sharing

FlyingMonkies325 says:

Stuff with Argan oil is also good for hair thickening and also it helps your hair grow faster so i would recommend try using that as your regular shampoo, you could just get the oil too and put it in your hair i've seen a few things about it even men using it to help thicken and grow their hair and it works really well.

nurulabdullah90 says:

still battling with t.e since my sister passed away in depressed & so much money & effort wasted..feels like giving up every single day..

Luna M says:

I know who she reminds me of! Katy perry

Sophia Larkin says:

Hair dye is not a trigger!!!

Sophia Larkin says:

You have been miss informed. It’s not at all trigged by hair dye. It’s relate to stress and/or diet, or even mediation or an operation.

Hang Tuah says:

Yik, I am so frightened of cockroaches as they are dirty and smelly when squashed.

katarinaricke says:

This is my 3rd video of yours I'm watching today. I relate to you so much! I also had a very similar experience.. 2 full bottles of volume 40 bleach directly on my scalp for way longer than the recommended amount of time. 6 years later, and my hair is okay. It's still not where it was pre-incident.. but the road to recovery is a long one. It's sad that we must do our own research, and cannot trust "professionals."

Rumeysa Nur Ercan says:

Gosh, my problem, I couldn't solve it for years and I'm tired of it. I've got to the point that I don't care anything at all, not my weight, not my hair, not my clothes. I guess I've lost my life energy. 🙁

Suzanne Tol says:

This was really helpful. I've have noticed I'm losing a lot of hair when I take a shower, with shocked me a bit. So I will try to see if I can get my hands on some of this products. I do love shiseido products. I use a lot of their makeup and facial products, so those should be easy to get in my local stores. Thank you for this lovely video!

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