The Inception Of Global Beauty Secrets – #DiscoverTogether

Aishwarya Sawarna Nir is a young and dynamic beauty enthusiast, storyteller and a researcher who conceptualized the brand Global Beauty Secrets out of her own personal experiences. Growing up in a spiritually inclined family, she loved the fragrance and glow of natural ingredients like honey, milk and saffron on her skin and grew up to believe that real beauty is that of the soul that reflects through your skin. It’s the personal care that should take centerstage because women from around the world have beauty rituals that they swear by.

Her childhood memories with her Grand mom remains vivid, where her skin would glow with the mere application of Panchamitra (symphony of 5 elements namely milk, curd, honey, holy water and kewda ittar) that her grand mom would rub on her skin after her daily puja session. So when Aishwarya got the opportunity to join her father’s pharmaceutical business, she realized that ‘Beauty’ was her real calling. She diversified the business and went on to develop a brand that could offer natural beauty solutions to women.

A brand that had the wisdom of Soul and effectiveness of Science. Thus, Global Beauty Secrets was born. It is a premium skin care and body care brand that unravels the beauty rituals from the kitchens and courtyards of women with unique cultural legacies around the world. Each product packs in the benefit of an ingredient specific to a country and popularly used by women from all walks of life.

Aishwarya believes that beauty is about cleansing not just at skin level but at the level of spirit too. She wants women around the world to nurture themselves with ingredients that is soul deep and personal. Aishwarya is passionate about her new born love- Global Beauty Secrets. The brand celebrates the wisdom of ancient women from around the globe portraying them as the benefactor for the long-lost beauty secrets.

She believes that the journey to becoming beautiful should be beautiful too.



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