Hi loves, here is my updated skin care routine. Remember these tips and products are what works best for my skin, so just know it may or may not work for your skin. I hope you guys enjoy! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! ♡

Skincare products start at 4:45

Drugstore Skincare Routine –

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Name: Briana
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willie2374 says:

Can you list the products that you are showing in the video?

Jamie Pandit says:

Just wondering how do you take your eye and face make up off? Thanks for your help!!

Nadia Elizabeth says:

Your skin is to die for!!

Hayley Garcia says:

Your skin is literally flawless!!

Chloe jackson says:

you’re seriously so cute !!!

We Can't All Be Everything says:

I think you would also love the cremorlab fresh water gel cream and the clinique dramatically different gel

Cora says:

You can get a facial spin brush from any local store (Walmart, Target) for about $6 with multiple brush heads. Save ya coin

Eniqué Gibson says:

Another tip for clear skin: DETOX your body out at the end of every week. Trust me it works!!!

Alesha Kate says:

Love this video! You are so beautiful and your skin is amazing!!! ❤️

Melanie Alexis says:

And warm water opens up your pores not cold

Shaylah Wright says:

HOW TO GET CLEAR SKIN: Have good genetics

KimmyyBabyy _ says:

Do you still use the Neutrogena pore refining toner ?

Icey8682 says:

Yes to nighttime routine!

Natasha Wilson says:

Your skin is so flawless! Keep up the hard work !!

Pluvio M says:

Why don’t you like using the thayers when you’re doing your makeup ?

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