hey guys, this video was highly requested so i hope you all enjoy!
This is my current skincare routine, skincare is definitely an important thing that i like to keep up with!

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KTC Coconut Oil-
Simple Makeup Wipes-
Clean and Clear Oil Control Cream Wash-
Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa
The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask-
La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray-
Manuka Doctor Brightening Facial Oil-
Jojoba Oil-
Cocoa Butter Lip Balm-
Acnecide Cream-


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Bailey says:

You literally left so much makeup in your hairline I’m cringing

Gela Kwasie says:

Guys I just got $3124on my paypal from this tool without paying anything:(just go to) ~>

tiffany stevens says:

I hate people who fucking love them self's so much jesus

Angelica Rose says:

Am I the only one who saw all that makeup in her hairline

Joary Ortiz says:

i can't get over how flawless ur skin is. how does one glow up after makeup removal???

Erin Mcghee says:

can you do a new updated skin routine?

Robyn O'hare says:

What I use to remove my makeup is the Lizearle hot cloth cleanser

Amanda C says:

I love my vanity planet ultimate skin spa, I’ve had it about 7 months now my skin looks amazing I love it I highly recommended it however I know some people has had some concerns about cleaning the heads here is what works for me I first use warm soapy water using antibacterial soap like dial then I pour alcohol on to them and let them air dry on a paper towel I wipe the actual device down with alcohol as well. The alcohol has never hurt my brush heads or the hand device.. this is just what works for me.

simar sidhu says:

girllll when i saw your beyoncé shirt i freaked cause i have the same one

Wolfie TheSpy says:

The makeup u did in this video was awesome can u do a tutorial

Sarah Al-Zayed says:

You’re so white wow

Helena Evans says:

Tb to the old snapchat 🙁

Ramita Donkal says:

I love you so much Jordan!❤ could you maybe do another skin care routine video again?? Please?

Emily Priestly says:

Ur skin is sooo nice and ur makeup slayyys❤️

leti says:

does the code still work??

Muna Ali says:

Why would u put on so much make up to begin with omg lol

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