Skin Care ( Dry To Glowy )

Heyy guys missed me? I missed y’all 💛

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Ruth.A Adewusi says:

I just started to use the radiant clear 2 in 1 fight and fade toner and when my skin gets dry aloe Vera gel and usually when I’m oily a black head eliminator

Mercel. Smith says:

First time on this channel but anyways..did u just say pop? Yeah where I live we say soda

Dewey HD says:

All i use toothpaste and my acne goes away

Nysia Steel says:

Can you do an edges routine because yo edges be on point !

Queen Adrienne says:

Follow @ravishing.queenn on ig ladies she does hair

Jasmine Starr says:

You went from talking about your skin routine to hair?

Jataeyah Thomas says:

What is your skin type?

Josann Powell says:

What's that song name the start of your vlog?

aa. ExploreGang says:

Where do you live

Maren Ware says:

Undownload and download again

Justine Whyte says:

You so pweedie…


I love the way she talks

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