Skin Care ( Dry To Glowy )

Heyy guys missed me? I missed y’all 💛

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  1. I just started to use the radiant clear 2 in 1 fight and fade toner and when my skin gets dry aloe Vera gel and usually when I’m oily a black head eliminator

  2. First time on this channel but anyways..did u just say pop? Yeah where I live we say soda

  3. All i use toothpaste and my acne goes away

  4. Can you do an edges routine because yo edges be on point !

  5. Follow @ravishing.queenn on ig ladies she does hair

  6. You went from talking about your skin routine to hair?

  7. What is your skin type?

  8. What's that song name the start of your vlog?

  9. Where do you live

  10. Undownload and download again

  11. You so pweedie…

  12. I love the way she talks

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