SK-II spoiler alert! Earn Japan’s best-kept skincare secret!

Today we’d like to introduce you guys to SK-II, a revolutionary skincare line that’s a perfect mix of nature, technology and craftsmanship. With a key ingredient that is derived from the fermentation of sake, this brand has harnessed Japan’s best-kept secret to skin care. Kate Bosworth, Cate Blanchett, and everyone at Influenster HQ are in love with this line. Want to try it? We’re sending SK-II products to thousands of Influensters and YOU COULD BE ONE OF THEM! Follow the instructions below for your chance to win a spot in this VoxBox!

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3. Create a product list of 5 or more of your #MiracleBeautyPicks on, including SK-II. Use the hashtags #MiracleBeautyPicks and #SKII.

Monday, 4/11/16, we’ll select winners who follow the instructions to receive this VoxBox. Now go on and show us your #MiracleBeautyPicks! U.S. residents only!

Products Featured:
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

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Dre Garza says:

I'd love to receive this #Voxbox ! Totally a believer of these skin products and would love to be selected. Check out my #MyMiracleBeautyPicks #SKII list on #Influenster <3

Cheryl McDaniel says:

I would love to review these products in the SKII vox box. Thanks for the opportunity, influenster!

Michelle Marston says:

I'm all about skincare and make-up :).ppl think I'm in my 20's and I'm 39 with a soon to be 17yr old.who's a make up junkie also,she's got the skill down on I def would love to win this :). And give my honest opinion on the product.#sk-II #infuenster #contest #voxbox #mircalebeautypicks

Annie K. says:

Ughh totally want this #skii #voxbox —top of my #miraclebeautypicks list!

casandra vazquez89 says:

I definitely need to try it out!!! 😀 #SKII #miraclebeautypicks

Dianna Heather A says:

I Love SK ll. My skin completely change due to these products!!! Love love SK ll

Amber Henson says:

I want to try it soooo bad

Ellen Hynes says:

Can't wait to get my voxbox

Pru Martin says:

@influenster ME, ME, & YES ME! this SK II sounds like an absolute fantasy & I have been obsessed with Korean beauty products lately.

Ani Di says:

I would love to try these products . my complexion needs improvement so bad.

Donna P. Howard says:

I would still like the opportunity to try a vox box full of make up. Lately I have been reading about essence & water masks. And how silky it's suppose to leave the skin. Hopefully, you will come back again my way.

candyberried says:

When workers were in rice fields

LadyLuckTutorials says:

posted my video on this. that mask is amazing

Comentario X says:

Hey girl on the video, you have HUGE pimples around your mouth…are you sure SK-ii works on you??

Kenia mejia says:

God, I want to try it. #SKII #MIRACLEBEAUTYPICKS

Julie Kim says:

Best review I've seen on this product line! Thanks!

Tina Santos says:

Parent company is : ‎Procter & Gamble

Rachel Rosen says:

Actually SK II didn't discover the use of sake for skin. Geishas were using sake hundreds of years ago as a facial toning agent.

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