Simple Beauty Hacks for Time, Money, & Health

Here are some of my favorite, simple beauty hacks to save you time and money without compromising your health.

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Butterfly Queen says:

Tip: add a little vinegar in the bidet water.

yonaaaaaaful says:

Oil pulling with coconut oil and I also started cutting my own hair watching YouTuber PickUpLimes!

Laura Hosoi says:

My grandmother used to put hot or warm red wine vinegar on her hair and ours after shampooing too 🙂

phoenix rises says:

The thing that's also great about the shower oil hack is that it uses WAY less oil but seems to penetrate more.

andrea kalaaukahi dela cruz says:

Love this vid! Definitely going to try a lot of these tips and tricks.

Jacen Starheart says:

You are definitely a Beauty Queen MJ thats for sure! 🙂

DelilahLuvsYou says:

Great tips! I’m going to try the teeth whitening hack!

Karin Stumvoll says:

you have great beauty hacks. As a Deodorant I am using coconut oil with some Drops of tea tree oil. That works very well for me.

G G says:

I bought empty twist lipgloss bottles and filled it with castor oil for an easy and mess free moisturizer for my nails and lashes. Credit goes to Simply Nailogical.

zz22 says:

Do i need to use raw apple cider vinegar?

Maya Zg says:

For sun spots, vitamin C powder mixed with water, for me only thing that works

Cheryl Muir says:

My mom used to boil water and then put her face over the steam with a towel over her head to clean her pores…Works like a charm!

Larifary Charis says:

Do not use baking soda on you teeth!! It really destroys them on the long run. Thanks for sharing your Tipps:)

CHARR KR says:

love this video !

Rachael Diffrient says:

Where do you buy your bras ?

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