Sickness Health Hacks – What to Do When You’re Sick or Avoiding It

Here how I avoid getting sick or find relief when I am sick. I hope you enjoy these sickness health hacks! 😊🤧

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Elizabeth Taylor says:

Thank you so much for this video! I'm always looking for natural ways to heal before I rely on meds. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Currently battling a cold so I will definitely try these out! ☺

bevy g says:

health hacks for kids video? ❤️

SuperMissblueeyes says:

This is really interesting as this is where our paths of expertise cross. For those of you who choose to take the apple cider vinegar (I can't for medical reasons), please follow Marin's advice & take it with an absorbing meal. NEVER take apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach! If after starting apple cider vinegar you can issues with acid, please stop. You can try again later, at least a couple of months later, but if it causes you acid, please stop & if you try again, start with a lower amount & build it up more slowly. Ginger is extremely good for the stomach. If you're feeling nauseous for any reason, ginger is a life saver, as is mint.
Colloidal silver is an amazing anti-bacterial, which is why it's so good for what Marin mentions. However, I wouldn't recommend doing it with the neti pot as there's a possibility of it being accidentally ingested, which isn't good for you. I disagree with you about the saline, I don't know the source of your information, but it is a great anti-bacterial. It is used for treatments for wounds (isotonic saline, same as your natural body's production), as well as respiratory illnesses (isotonic or hypertonic, which comes in 3%, 5% & 7%) for it's anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties & I have had personal proof of it's use for these things in many ways. It is also proven to prevent people getting sick from colds. People who use it for allergies are less likely to get sick from colds & flu, studies have shown.
Teas are awesome. There are so many that you can get them as remedies for different things. For example, ginger tea or peppermint tea for stomach issues or citrus teas to help energise you, etc.
Vitamin C is my go to! Having chronic fatigue syndrome, some doctors recommend people with chronic illnesses take as much as 2000mg per day, but please only ever do that when you're actually sick with a cold or flu! Doing this for more than two or three weeks will increase your ferratin & iron levels to dangerous levels & cause you problems stopping bleeding! On a regular basis, I take 1000mg, but please check with your doctor if you intend to start giving a child vitamin C or if you have chronic illnesses. While most chronic illnesses will mean you would benefit from this, a few will actually be made worse by this. It really depends on your chronic illness. And some people do experience acid issues from taking vitamin C regularly, so please only take it with a meal.
If you notice your lymph nodes are irritated or inflammed, please don't be alarmed. This is normal in people with chronic illness, people who are overdoing things, or people who are getting sick with things. If you are normally otherwise healthy & your lymph nodes haven't gone down after a couple of weeks, especially with Marin's suggestions, please get your doctor to run some tests just to at least put your mind at rest.
Eucalyptus is amazing! However, it's not always suitable for people with migraines. Strong smells actually trigger my migraines, eucalyptus actually making my migraine experience worse. So if you have migraines, please use aromatherapy oils with caution. As someone with migraines, my "safe" oils are tea tree, citrus & peppermint. Since everybody's experience with migraines can vary so much, your "safe" oils may well be different, you may not be "safe" with any, or you may be "safe" with them all. I would definitely recommend giving them a try, they are amazing! Just use with caution if you have migraines or seizures triggered by smells is all.

SayconTalks says:

Colloidal silver is amazing

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