Hey guys! Have you heard of float tanks or restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST)? There have been a lot of claims made about the health benefits of floating. Also, I’ve gotten some questions about them recently, so I decided to try it out for myself. I hope you enjoy, and definitely let me know if you want more videos like this in the future by giving the video a like and a share.

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  1. I don't think I could do this cause I think I would feel like I was floating through space, and I'm Terrified of open spaces, and even though this is a small tank, the darkness would give too much of an illusion that I was in an open area. I do like floating in water, but I don't think this kind of water would help anything for me.

  2. 2:58 you can see his face if you pause just right also haha idk why i wanted to see it so bad.

  3. Watch the movie "Altered States"….lol

  4. So, are you going in again? Maybe you should try a very long trip on DMT while hooked op to an IV drip by a friend. Next stop: Ibogaine. I' pretty sure meeting Bwiti will do you a world of good.

  5. Joe Rogan anyone?

  6. Sounds like a good chance to unwind)) Never heard about flotation tanks before, thanks!

  7. What about your back? Reminds me of a glimpse of what astronauts experience…maybe, but an incredibly shorter time.

  8. I've never heard of flotation tank. thanks for sharing

  9. I tried this and I didn’t like it just gave me an anxiety attack

  10. his cheeky little smile <3

  11. I need to make one of these, it looks amazing. "Sorry kids and husband, mommy needs and hour in the sensory dep. room." I might need a mini fridge with some wine in mine though.

  12. hey dr. mike, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. do you have anyone to vent your personal stuff with? psych health is paramount mate. take your own advice, stay happy and healthy. much love 🙂

  13. OMG! Fringe!!! The only time I have ever heard of this is on the sci-fi show Fringe. I didn't know they exist in real life. Now I really wanna try it.

  14. What do you think about IN home hyperbaric chambers????

  15. Some supplements are wonderful. Flaxseed oil keeps me from noticing my arthritis about 92% of the time. Holy Basil desisted the pinched nerves I kept getting in my wrists, and 100% effectively treats my friend's seasonal affective disorder, anxiety, and insomnia. Holy Basil is a Godsend that nobody talks about.

  16. ppl wanted him shirtless an dues do nude <3

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