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  1. Great job… I used to go barber once a week…. started receding at 33 and decided just to whip it all off. Just the beard to take care of myself now. I find it easier to use scissors than clippers on the moustache and to get the angles on the jawline.

  2. You're GOAT man! Been practicing selfcut. This video is very helpful for me. Thanks for this one. I'll try it

  3. Am I the only girl here??? I lokey just find this shit satisfying 🙂

  4. How long it take for you to get your beard that length fam

  5. i could see him with a nose ring

  6. Why y’all listening to wake flocka in 2018??

  7. what's the song at the end

  8. Crispyyyyyyy

  9. I have been trying to figure out who you remind me of…… Stifler. Definitely Stifler. The actor not the character.

  10. Man no offense but your beard is so beautiful and perfect that it actually feels like too much and breaks the "wild" aesthethic of a beard

  11. No homo nice earrings bro, where can I get those at?

  12. 7:05 fuckig idiot

  13. Dat boi got dem genes

  14. I need to learn how to do my beard on my own your beard came out fresh asf

  15. Ayeee where you get tht ear rings??

  16. Stiffler !!!???????? Is that you bud !!!!

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