Russian Beauty Secrets Revealed

My wife’s beauty secrets revealed !
How those Russian girls stay so sexy!



goal100to95to90 says:

your wife is weird

absolutblue says:

shes not weird she has beautiful skin

Dave Rhoton says:

Mostly Americans only know how to kill and mame, and eat a McDonalds.

KnightsofEmerald says:

i think she really pretty, especially her skintone. I guess its from the great circulation she gets going with the patting of the face before moisturizing morning and night.
And OF COURSE it works Hoecus, THATS how she STAYS pretty 🙂
All the best

MurkaDurka says:

WE just take care of ourselves… We do not want our beauty, health and youth to be wasted. In Russia, ugly people don't survive. THat's why our nation is the most beautiful. Did you know that if you wanna work in some Supermarket… some places have Beauty Contests for that. BEcause most of us equally attractive and smart….

Ray Gunslinger says:

There are hotter girls in Russia and other Eastern European nations. She isn't a good representation. She is ok, but nothing great compared to what is there on average.

Lola Smith says:

:/ no thanks


Your wife is very beautiful and you know it. That is a beauty secret for circulation.

daniacea says:

Wow American chicks need to learn this instead using chemicals and botox

Michael Taylor says:

Your wife is very beautiful. And you are so right about America sending all our resources and babysitting the rest of the world. Well said.

QueenBeeSERBIAAA says:

She's "Jewish" 100%
Real SLAVIC women are a lot more beautiful than that.

philaman1972 says:

"You understand nos-sing…"

RhythmicIllusions says:

I just love it when people who aren't Americans think that they know everything there is to know about America. So many of you spit out these stereotypes about the USA that are so false that I feel sorry for you. Maybe you should actually learn something about the US before throwing random crap out there. Many Americans are pacifists, we have tons of pro-animal rights people who respect all life, and for the record, it's hard to "eat a McDonalds." Those restaurants are relatively big.

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