Road Map to Health, How to get started towards good health!
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Contact your physician before starting any new diet, exercises.
I AM NOT a Doctor. I am a certified nutritional therapist.



Nichole Ruelas says:

Thank u so much i need to order one,

Melanie Jackson says:

I ordered one.
Thank you for putting forth the effort to teach us what you have learned.

Dycesun _ says:

What to eat in a day video please

happyscrappingirl says:

Does it include a list of product we need to be taking everyday?

Theiryellowpaint says:

I'd love to see more recipe videos and/or a What I Eat In a Day. Also, maybe a video on general supplements you recommend?

Brett B says:

My life changed when I gave up drugs and alcohol and went plant based. I've been vegan for 5 years and drug free for 2, and I've never felt better!
I can't scream the benefits of being plant based enough. My soul began to heal once I stopped eating animals. All the rest is then allowed to follow.

Much love and respect xxx

Kaden Morrison says:

Hey can u shout me out thx

Mason Berry says:

Anyone else here from Tanners Video?

Asa James says:

I saw you on Tanner's video, I just wondered if your tests would have seen if he has Crohn's? I have it and he has all of the symptoms. My diet is pretty much exactly what you recommended for him.

Angus Cos says:

What up tann clann

Christina Bass says:

I’ve never tried the vital proteins but want to now!! That’s for the tips and for the road map!!!

ShaysJs337 says:

So great!! Mary… Will be doing this ASAP.

Elijah Feliciano says:

Hey I’m very new to the essential oil diffuser world and I just wanted to see if anybody knew the answer to this question. I just brought a brand new diffuser and essential oils from mainstays. But the only thing is that when I have my diffuser on, the smell really doesn’t fill the room and a lot of mist comes from the diffuser but I just want to now is it the essential oils that I’m using or is it the diffuser?

Barbara Joy Jones DO says:

You’re the bomb! Thank you for all your videos.

Dee Marie says:

Are you still offering to print the map and mail it to us?

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