Quick BROW and EYELID lift for youthful looking eyes

Hi! My name is Basia, I am 34 years old and live in Singapore. I am the owner of https://cukiershop.com

You can also find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cukierbeautyconcept/

This massage is meant to naturally improve your face muscle tone.

Please don’t perform this massage if you had any injections or augmentation done to your face :(.

Disclaimer: This video does not represent any medical treatment. Included contents does not guarantee a diagnosis, treatment plan or recommendation for your health. You agree the use of this information is at your own risk.

All music is from https://epidemicsound.com/

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  1. You are not 34 you are just 18.

  2. Please filp up ur hair or pin it while showing massage

  3. U r so beautiful

  4. All this exercises make your eyes look bigger?

  5. What is the right time to do

  6. Morning is it ok

  7. Putih sekali

  8. Umm… Massage for less eye circles? When will you make one? Me & My friends need it pleaseuu with a bangtan on top?

  9. Skincare routine? Your skin looks so pale and beautiful while mine is so pimpleish and dark

  10. You are beautiful

  11. Please!!! More videos. ❤

  12. You look like young Wynona Ryder

  13. You look Portuguese

  14. Im actually just watching ur vids cus ur soo pretty…. and when i read that ur now 34 im shocked as fk lol….
    Thought u were on 20's…..

  15. Plz show your before and after pics

  16. Gorgeous women

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