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Hey guys! Here are 10 important questions you should ask your doctor to get the most out of your visit. If you have any questions for me, leave them down below in the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe for a new video every Sunday ▶

Questions you should be asking your doctor:

– Am I contagious?
– What websites can I trust?
– Why should I take this medication?
– What are the side effects?
– What is this test for?
– When should I follow up?
– What would you recommend to your family?
– What should I focus on?
– Can I have a chaperone?
– How much experience do you have treating patients with this condition?

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  1. Should I have a flu shot ? Flu shot is toxic

  2. Great video DR MIKE,

  3. Hey Mike, here's a question. When you have really bad chapped lips, because of winter and general dry skin issues, what are the lip balm ingredients to look for? WebMD told me to look for petrolatum and dimethicone, but I'd like to check with a more trusted source (that's you) just to make sure I've got the right product.

  4. What websites would you recommend to look up reliable information? edit: if you get to read this question on one of your next videos – don't bother with the surname lol

  5. Sir i am a girl of 17 year and 9 month old ..sir i lost my periods from two month,s …what is the resion ….i did,nt sex with my partner so why …plse tell me ….sir one thing that i want to inform you ..that i have pimples on my face so i take medecine for cure them this is a resion for period irregularity ?…sir plze plse answer me

  6. Some of these questions are pretty obvious but somehow I just don't ask them)) Next time I'll try to do better, thanks, Dr. Mike

  7. I liked just because you decided to wear glasses for this video

  8. Please make a video about fructose intolerance

  9. I wish doctors would let us ask them… at least, I don't have that luck.

  10. sometimes I traumatize to ask questions to my doctors coz most of them started to get annoyed. lol

  11. what's first aid treatment that we can do if we find our family members to have a vertigo? love your channel doctor Mike. I've been leaving comments on each your video. hopefully, you can answer one of my questions. thank you so much. #lovefromindonesia hihi

  12. Great video! Thought you might like this. My husband asked our PC to evaluate a spot he had on his neck. That was ok, but the doctor probed further. He has a great sense of humor and asked him if he had ever smoked Camels, he knew myself husband is an ex smoker. My husband then laughed and said no. Turned out the doctor felt a lump in his back and thought that he may have osteoporosis, so he ordered a test. It turned out that he has thinning bones due to steroids he has to take. But my husbands 75 and at no time prior had any doctor including his orthopedic one suspected this. I think that good physical exams like this can turn up lots of stuff, and our doctor usually doesn't order a lot of tests unless he suspects something.

  13. Please do a video about migraines.
    I visited my doctor today and he told me to try taking B2 riboflavin, coq10, magnesium oxide…he said it might help. I would like your perspective on that.

  14. I went to a dermatologist for hair loss problem. Honestly, he was too expensive for me.. He was a famous doctor back in my country. Also the drugs and medications he recommended were too expensive. I asked my doctor 'Why should I take this medication? I checked its website it was not on the market yet; I asked him how many patients of his tried this drug and got good results. or had he even tried on himself because he had the same condition.. What are the side effects?..' He got so angry; he literally told me you have to trust your doctor's orders blindly; you shouldn't question your doctor and told me get out! then he kicked me out of his office. I couldn't believe he got offended by these questions; I know doctors make mistakes too; we're all human beings.. And i got a history with doctors making wrong diagnosis.. So i don't trust them blindly with everything they say. But not all of the doctors respond to these kind of questions well…

  15. I think instead of "have you treated this before?" you could just say " you have seen this before right?"

  16. My daughter has to take baby aspirin for blood thinkers for her heart defect, she hast take furosemide for her heart surgery, she has to take Backlofen for her C.P. and V-D for her C.p., she gets botox injection for her C.P. These are all the treatments and meds she takes. I'VE worked with lots of Dr.s and Nurses. That's why I follow you.

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