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Hey Guys and Gals,

It is normal to feel overwhelmed when you are trying to balance a successful work, family, and social life. We all want to be more productive and efficient. Most productivity tip videos and articles I’ve read give some “hack-style” advice that I felt didn’t apply to most people. I just don’t think it’s practical to download an app to keep track of the time spent on social media as a solution to your problem. So let’s talk the science of productivity and how to get more done !

So, I decided to make this weeks video talking about all my productivity tips and how you can improve productivity without any gimmicks. Please, please let me know what you think are ways on how to be productive or how to be more productive, as I love learning from you guys as well! If you have any friends or family members that can benefit from a productivity boost, share it with them! As always don’t forget to leave comments and questions as I will be making a video monthly responding to those comments!

P.S. if you are a medical student in medical school do let me know as I love chatting with students who are in the same situation I was once in!

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DJGaming87 says:

I want a doggo

Martha Lamprecht says:

I like the fact that you always make time to make such wonderful videos you are so funny and amazing, and I love that you are a dog lover

SilviaHonores says:

Can you please talk about fibromyalgia? Thanks.

itsme7679 says:

You look incredibly sexy omg i cant

Israa Ibrahim says:

Hi Dr. Mike! I have sickle cell anemia and even though I get 8+ hrs of sleep daily, I drink a lot of water and I take my iron pill I'm still EXHAUSTED every second of the day and feel sooo lazy because I just can't, what can I do to change this????

casper14161 says:

the best tech my budget allows is the obamaphone s plus

epic rav says:

Your controller was off

David Anthony says:

Sleep, sleep, sleep … It is mandatory, healthy, smart, advantageous, required, necessary and being well rested feels good to, "NO", it feels "GREAT". Your rate of logic processing and computation increases, and optimized. Being well rested decreases chances of error and increases your efficiency. While this video is one of the best I have ever seen, a lot of this wisdom and truth become very obvious and naturally recognizable as true when you are most awake and available to yourself mentally, and more physically energized because of good nutrition and being well rested. And if you ask me, I believe burn out happens when have worked for too long with the wrong attitude and or without a system. The right attitude gets you healthy cycles of energy that is very similar to an electronic circuit that is well designed and manages electricity using smart and simple logic, with the latest and greatest ideas and technologies. Because every other type of attitude manages energy differently. A good attitude is the most basic and universal attitude that manages your intention and focus to result in your favor, your success. A bad attitude messes everything up, including your relationships. You can improvise and enhance on the good attitude with modes, to cater to the various needs of your day. Sometimes we need our mood to cater to being competitive, or productive, creative, innovative, open minded and even romantic. Every other situation calls for a mode of energy and thought support from your attitude, but Good is the essential type of energy that you want your attitude to have. That means good ideas, good intentions, good work, good relations, good value, good quality, and good practice, etc. If your thoughts and intentions are not the "caliber of good", the caliber of your output, like work, behavior and message will not be good as well. You will be graded as such caliber of a person. Quality minds attract quality minds. Good help is hard to find. Ever heard that before. So as you think to yourself throughout the day, grade the quality of your thoughts, especially your routine thoughts and reactions, like complaining about traffic, etc. A lot of our thinking stresses us and causes us to lose and wast energy unnecessarily, that's our personal power being depleted. So there it is, your attitude is like your personal program that concentrates your best effort to be optimized in your favor or not. Grade your mental content and determine if you need to upgrade yourself, which is commonly true. We are always a work in progress, unless you become content and satisfied with your grade of existence. But being human is a fine tuning process and it takes daily practice to maintain your caliber of existence. Just like working out at the gym. We are either maintaining or neglecting our mind and body. It's been nice chatting, Ciao.

くらこんにちはくら says:

Wow Dr.Mile is thicc

Melody Hilario says:

Ur so cute doc

Brooke Mitchell says:

I am a full time student working on an elementary education degree while working full time as a praprofessional at an elementary school for children with Autism so productivity is super important but i really struggle with it. I know that you said that routines are important, i try to establish routines but i get so bored if i do the same things every single day. Any advice?

michty 0 says:

Found this while procrastinating

lailatul khikmah says:

i'm backkk

Yoona says:

watches this video while having a 4 page essay due tomorrow hmm

Rodion Chachura says:

Pomodoro technique helps a lot. I found helpful this free app –

Manuella Munhoz says:

Your videos are really helping me

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