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Yoshi Girl says:

My mom hates me with mono eyelids and she says that I'm ugly. My eyes look so ugly and I hate everything about myself, but cool video. hi

Rachelism says:

It is not an eye fold, it is a tearbag ~

Kimkimi Aroch says:

are the same shit.

bigbadcow says:

so would ariana grande b very popular in japan? she seems to have a lot of the desirable qualities

The Annoying One says:

I 'm Asian and I meet the western beauty standards.. I also have tattoos which some find it hot. I am glad to leave Asia; regardless of the discrimination I faced. If I am still in Asia, I might be called fat and ugly all the time

Kitty Kitty says:

this women is very misinformed. the belief of white skin in the japanese culture came from the geisha beauty standard. which was created because men wanted their women as pale as the moon. that way they could find them in the dark. so women painted themselves to look as white as paper. the belief that white skin meant nobility, purity, and wealth came from european beauty standards which was during the victoria time. when european colonization started, they enforced those beauty standards onto places like africa and asia. and has since been spread across the world. asians the. changed it to the belief that ones who worked outside were those poor and so forth. it was simply just changed for their convience. this is why you have japanese women bleaching their skin. notice they bleach it not to look as pale as the moon, or as white as paper, but to have similar skin complexcion to white people. this is also why japanese people get surgery to have their nose, eyes and lips resemble white people as well. the new american beauty standard started in the 1950s. and it wasnt very popular until much later, however now in 2018, americans are becoming more broder with their beauty. thats what makes it so amazing. it is all based on preference. japanese beauty standards a mendate. these people are taught that they will be ugly if they dont bleach their skin, they believe they will be ugly if they dont get eyes as big as europeans, or noses as small and narrow as them. what makes it such a mendate is that they are convinced that is the only beauty. which is why when you are to see a beautiful white women, a beautiful asian who has kept her natural conplexcion, or beautiful black women, they will dissmiss it and disagree quickly. because those women wont look like the ones they see in the media. that is the differences between american beauty standards, and japanese beauty standards which is a mendate and is based on old European beauty standards. american bodies are now to have feminine stature. of boobs and a fit bottom, japanese standards are based off of the old white beauty standard to be tall and skinny. like vicotias secret models.
but i am not upset you got the information wrong. alot of times in japan they do not teach where their standards come from for the simple fact of pride. which is why many continue to use the excuse "white means rich and pure" without knowing where it actually came from.
other then that this was a good video. it was simply misinformed.
and alot of the styles america is "borrowing from japan" never was from japan to began with. they simply used those fashions, and instead of getting rid of it like amefican and europe theyve kept it for a long time. america is simply bringing certain fashions back.

Kitty Kitty says:

another thing i too noticed with the japanese beauty standard is that they try to look young like children. i cant understand how people don't find that sickening. they are litterally sexualizing children. its a playground for pedophiles when you have grown ass women dressing like they are 14-17

fantasia243645 says:

I like your cat. However, your video did not include Black American standards of beauty just Caucasian. The Japanese beauty standards was well explained though.

hot cocoa says:

The beauty standard in the us being light even if someone tans a little they will still be considered beautiful you completely avoided that

Ahri Park says:

I live in America but I want to stay as pale as possible because I look AWFUL tan. Lol. I got tan from swimming once and I looked soooo bad…..

SeaBunny says:

I am pale and proud.

BuiltTo BeInsane says:

That noise at 7:41 has me dead lol

Toki Warheart says:

I'm a white girl in California and tan skin isn't that desired. Zooey deschanel, amanda seyfried, emily browning and scarlett Johansson all are beauty idocs and have pale skin. Many Californian girl have followed in their foot steps and have embraced their natural pale skin.

Jay DR says:

I don't think they have the lower eyelid at all so that might be why they like the puffy under eye look

Jerry Yawning says:

white propaganda machine

You are ugly but says:

Me, a guy watching this ? Fcuk m goin

Jada Parks/Villanueva says:

I remember a time when white women would tease & make fun black woman about their big lips and butts.

Precious Uba says:

She forgot to mention that in Japan they paint there skin white lol 🙂

laday niles says:

the american culture was influenced a lot by black culture especially when it comes to having a curvey body

Soul Theory says:

Does this really work? I have fine lines and I'm 16

Zwykły Typo says:

Did anyone test it? https://amzn.to/2VxHfsG

Nono Nono says:

ترجمة بالعربية

Maddie Kove says:

Do I leave the oil on or wash it off?

Isaac kent says:

Are you using an oil on forehead while you do this? Looks oily.

Isaac kent says:

That cute lil smile, you're adorable.

pupinder kaur says:

Which oil we use for this

20k Subs No Video Challenge says:

When I do the sideways move, I notice that at that moment, lines get even more defined, I wonder if that is making them even worse.

Veena Raja says:

Hi dear… Hop ur doing well… Ur amazing with ur most effective Massages…….can u upload a demo on how to use the facial jade roller….. Love u tons… Lots of love… God bless.. India…

Pushpa Rani says:

But mam oil increases risk of breakout

YoungDeku says:

When I started following the video, I was a tad hopeful but also thinking things like "anyone can post a video and say something works. Probably won't work, but whatever" and I felt a bit silly. When I was done, I looked in the mirror and said "oh!", because my face actually looked better.

sinisterhomicide 36 says:

420 dislikes lets goooo!!!!!

Elizabeth Ramcharan says:

Very nice I tried it

Lord Champa says:

Im a guy but this is still pretty helpful, thanks

ALisON 's STudIO says:

I m 22 and i notice wrinkles on my forehead few days ago and It's giving me anxiety.. I don't use any beauty products.. So how can i remove it without any chemical product.. I'm to young to use aging cream and stuff.. Plz help me..

M B says:

You look super-kissable.

x x_TwitterAndSammy_x x says:

I’m so young but when I raise my eyebrows I get a lot of wrinkles and then they’ll stay there for the rest of the day noticeably

MizzAugust says:

I have to doubt this on over 60 skin. but thanks, seems more for prevention.

Neha Singh says:

Hi Aja I love your videos they helpful to me but……can you tell me some more products for removing tan.Plzzzzz

Nirajan Pradhan says:

Lovely video very instructive

O says:

whats the machine called to make sparkling water?

Daniel Ribeiro says:

here's several tips for looking younger quickly
eat a good selection of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables
Exercise instead of watching TV
Use Sunscreen.
Stop smoking
(I discovered these and the reasons they work from Daijon youth plan website )

Hely Pinho says:

You're so beautiful! I wish I had your flawless skin 🙂 How old are you btw?

Samurai Angel says:

Sperm as face mask.

Pavi Raj says:

I only use face powder. But still my face is oily and acne prone. Help me with it.

M Ferreira says:

Wow I love your videos!!! I subscribed!!!Keep up the amazing work!!!:D

izzy.x random says:

just put suncream on

Just another girl says:

You really think that a self tanner is better than the sun ? omg you americans …

Darciexcampbell says:

you're literally stunning

Эрика Колесникова says:

Would like to learn more about the beauty tips. Just go to google and type: "Blast4beauty". There are plenty of of unheard information given here.

Alexandrea Basoc says:

omg thank you!!!

Elsie Bloom says:

I would love to hear more about how you deal with blemish control!

candyberried says:

But her skin isn't even all that she has huge pores

Rachel Laura says:

Although I drink alcohol I’ve been blessed with naturally blemish free skin BUT after having a very mild chemical peel and starting a skin care routine including retinA and using a .5 derma roller oh my goodness my skin looks like it’s been photoshopped. I highly recommend the retinA, derma roller, and regular facials/light peels

Zone IsHyper says:

Lmao I'm 13 and I've got bad skin alr3ady

Amy He says:

You are soo beautiful!!!

Username says:

As someone who has very small eyes that I’m very insecure about I’m so grateful for this video, great job!

Puja Rawat says:

Hi , I have never done eye makeup myself but after coming across your video, I am inspired to take it up!

Joey Gagliardi says:

The Sun is the Human Body's worst enemy. Also, overuse of A tanning Bed. I can always tell the skin of a Sun Worshiper, or The worst is Tanning Beds,, you look good Tanned, Yes, I agree, however, soon you will see the Elasticity in your skin leave. We all know this, but when we are young, we don't stop and think of the future,, it's all about today. Not here to put down ant owner's of Tanning Salon's they for the most part will always do well. Just through what I have witnessed, do know that many people go to more than 1 Salon in a day. They want to achieve something that other's do not have. However, in the years to come, they do end up seeing what they have done to themselves. Not a Good Look,, At any rate,, thanks for yet another Great Video!! High 5,, BRO

Ariana Vega says:

Are you Brazilian your accent sounds very familiar

Yo Lo says:

You can actually (temoporarily) get rid of crow's feet with Botox and dermal fillers

Listen Linda says:

I loved this!

Kate D says:

Love you Aly!! Appreciate your talents and all your videos 🙂

J L says:

I am 27 and I have bad crows feet!
I don't smoke.
I don't sit in sun often.
You are beautiful.


Blue Skies says:

nononono to sunscreen= poison!!! nano bots restructure tissue, create ugly skin.

Sunita Arora says:

Me too of 40+ but im weird regarding my shagging cheeks …every precautions im taking…spf 50 retina A cream…even though no result

John Hales says:

You look great with make up but WAY better without! 🙂

Astrid Lignell says:

You are very good at this! It helped me so much, and it was easy to follow your tips! Thanxxxx <3

a+bb says:

Young Ken Jeong

Jacqui Goodflower says:

Eternal youth? Our Life is like a drop of water in the ocean…if you have Jesus you’ll have eternal life❤️

Kay McGarden says:

You killed it. Thanks lady


Very nice but your eyes are already pretty big.

Bizarre Asmr says:

So far so good no crows feet 🙂

Дмитрий Полтанов says:

По утрам в метро так красЮтся…

Fata El fiti says:

هل من ترجمة بالعربية ؟

Spear Carrier says:

For a while I was experimenting with using scar silicone around my eyes and thought I saw some improvement,. Either way I love your advice and have been taking serious notes.

TheKEDW says:

Great video! I immediately subscribed after watching this! I really appreciate your attention to detail, with links to the products used right in the description box!

Emine Emine says:

The best protecting of the sun is mix the tomatos and carrots half lemon cucumber with black pepper and than Cook it 15 minutes low fire and than drink it you have to eat for inside for protect the outside

Evelyn Velasquez says:

Loved it beautiful

Bianca Hotca says:

yes she does sound very russian and looks too

Emine Emine says:

Suncremes are not good use oliveoil and sunglasses

KiTtY AdDiE says:

We appreciate your tips thank you handsome korean man hehe
Plz keep guiding us with wrinkles remedies and food intakes plz.. but cheaper ones cause everyone is not so rich!
Thank you

Emma Wanyaga says:

Is it for African too ?

Justyna Berlik says:

but bae.
Thats all because u already HAVE huge eyes ;')
crying in hooded eyelids

Becca Simonin says:

I would love a tutorial for this hair

Dariva Jewelry says:

How do you get rid of droopy eyelids with facial exercise? by the way , love your video's!!!

Norwall Music says:

My friends and I always look forward to your uploads! Super amazing job.

Nikka Greenwood says:

Do you know if it contains coconut oil?


Great demonstration, thank you.

Ronni McLaurin says:

Hey girl thanks for the review. I would love if you wrote a review on their website because like you said they have all 5 stars and I was really tempted to buy it until I saw this video

La Reine Rose says:

Thanks you for the video, I love this kinda stuff soooo much! OK Now you really got me thinking about my hormones, I have pimples from time to time, bad cramps this time around, and thinning hair! How do I manage my hormones?? If I tell the doctor they will probably just prescribe something?? I have been intermittent fasting and eating vegan 90 % of the time in transition. Maybe this is why my body is mad at me? HELP ?! Xoxo L

kriegselefant11 says:

I'm so buying some of that soap at Portland VegOut!

Psychelon says:

You should not use castor oil undiluted, you dilute it out with other oils. (If it's not for medical reasons ofcourse, like with the menstrual cramps) Very good for the scalp, no problems in any way to use it there if you blend it.

Alina Tarasyuk Russian Refugee says:

who would take beauty tips from you, honestly? no one.

Lorielle Hughes says:

1) you can braid your hair for waves too.
2) JBCO is really thick, but you just use a small amount and it’s actually beneficial to African American hair since the oil is needed in black hair so it won’t make everyone’s hair look “awful.” White people already have the oil that they need that’s why it might look “awful.”

Salty Crunchy mama says:

I can’t wait to meet you at Pdx vegout!!

Maryanne Gauthier says:

Oh there IS a HOLY GRAIL product- Sunday Riley Good Genes. Seriously the shit will transform your face. Try it, buy it on ebay if you cant afford it.

Anna Wise Hollis says:

Sunscreen is the best anti-aging product.

Amanda Welch says:

yes! castor oil is the bomb!

Amanda Welch says:

can u post the link to your vegan face dry brush? i have one for my body but all the face ones ive found are made with boar bristles

Kira B says:

Best "beauty" video ever – thank you!

Ashley Hudson says:

How do you apply the castor oil to eyelashes? Just with fingers?

alwaysneed2learn says:

GREAT tips! Keep it simple! My hubby makes the ONLY moisturizer we use on our face/body which has a shea butter foundation. I make our shampoo and deodorant and just keep things SUPER minimal… and I always get compliments on my skin.

Emilia Scott says:

this video was just what I was looking 4

Suzannah Troy says:

I was savagely assaulted at their Fagelman's in soho 155 Spring st – I was age 50 at the time and I look 35 – I felt beautiful before was assaulted it was like the receptionist office manager for mD really had it out for me — I was another doctor patient- My patient rights and then my body were violated when I couldn't get help I tried my doctor was already in with someone when I went to document it that became open season sleep trying to beat me and since then October 1, 2012 I've aged 100 years I had gained 35 pounds so it's been almost 7 years so for my 57th birthday I've lost the weight I fin working with Anthony Taylor of Spud Fit To lose the last bit of weight and he has help me.
Please google Dr Fagelman assault. Please click on the YouTube. There's an evil guy that is gaslighted me blaming me saying if I hadn't videotaped her and went up gotten assaulted but I'm in New York City where if the NYPD are breaking the law or someone else's we're free to videotape and if she didn't want to videotape all she had to do was close the door .

The problem is the constant thoughts the PTSD the stress that I do not look beautiful I don't feel beautiful I've aged 100 years.

I think your advice on the stress thoughts and meditation is just brilliant because I also fear opened up with a complete neurological breakdown like my mother who is also a victim of violence but she has a lot of stress thoughts, and Meditation is just a brilliant idea I've been trying and went to transcendental meditation – it's expensive but there will be a resource for life wherever you go if there's a meditation center you're welcome

tran trang says:

yes, i am an Asian, in my country, people always apply double cleasing, i need in every everning. If you dont do it, your face will be get acnes, and other problem. Many people dont understand why needing to use bouble cleasing.
I can speak English, so need advise, you can contact me to know more

Sarah ella says:

I'm 18 my mom sad this isn't good for skin and it's early to do this messages (because I was doing them daily) so pls should I lesson to her or i keep doing them?

MyLoVeLyMaN says:

You're beautiful at the end of the video, so glowy 🙂 i just like to use specific products for eyes, like the ones you shake or micellar. I don't like pure oils as you have to rub too much plus they go inside the eyes, that's not nice at all. Rest of face, again a cleansing oil or micellar and then wash with a facial wash. So yes, same method as you 🙂

noor sheikh says:

i use this coconut oil method for eyes but remove oil with wet paper towel instead of dry and afterwards clean face with soap or face wash .

Minal Anwer says:

Olga your videos are so amazing

Zaib Khan says:

Plz tell me what is the best foundation for normal skin? Plz answer

D M says:

U re applied makeup for every step ???

Abigail Ruth Pilongo says:


Arhama Gulzar says:

Can we do this massage at night??

Liza Subba says:

Hi i watch all u video and i really loved it and love ur skin too.I got dark spots on my face it because of pimple. Please tell me which product is good for my skin u had told me before i love to use the products which u are using but m from India dont know whether we get here or no

TeganFirstplace13 Xx says:

I don’t have coconut instead can I use aloe Vera and moisturise

Harishmita Deka says:

Olga you are so soothing as a person I just feel like hearing you on and on.. You are amazing

Hina Shaikh says:

Can we do the moves more than 3 times.???
LIKE 5 or something.?

Shrikant Upadhye says:

Happy Diwali princess olgatoja festival light over evils power

Md Adil Ahnaf says:

Can I do this massage after microneedling..? (About 2mm needle size)

Claudia Flores says:

Thank You! 😉

Arpita Aditya says:

Can i do it at night. I have no time on morning.

Victoria Diane says:

I put oil on my hands but by the end of the first exercise most of it is gone is this supposed to happen? Also why can’t you do it on damaged skin and what is considered damaged

Juan Sorroza says:

How old are you if you dont mind me asking you.look so young and healthy

Aziza says:

U can use also nature yaourt to remove it

Juan Sorroza says:

Can you use aloe vera instead of coconut oil?

Palak Vinaik says:

Can you plz tell Which grape seed oil is best for skin??…

country hix says:

Feels SO GOOD afterwards! Do you have any particular scalp massage for relieving stress or to help hair grow?

Iago P says:

Excellent! TY

〜口 says:

My eyes are really suffering, they're in horrible shape from years of heavy make up and every day mascara… Turns out I was removing it completly wrong! I really enjoy your videos :))

Quẩy Lên Nào says:

great! ur so beautiful

نجمه المضيئة says:

I love you, well done ❤❤❤from in Iraqi

omgshe wuzhere says:

How many times should we do it?

lalarukh kamal says:

Can it be done at any age?

Jyanne Skye says:

I really love Japanese beauty products. They are so innovative and really interesting. I recommend the Japanese drugstore brand Excel for their eye shadow quads. Thanks for sharing ^^

loopyfrog says:

Yey for asian skincare!

Monika Sharma says:

Sir meri Age 20 years hai kiya main ise use kar sakti hu Plese anwsr me

The morning is when Night is dead says:


Best Face Forward says:

Also look up mewing for those who don't know, it's about proper "tongue posture" and how it affects your face shape. I have before and after results on my channel

twinkie winkie says:


Mala Karthik says:

Hi doc,is there any proven facial exercise that reduces eye bag? Pls do a video on that if you have any. Tq.

Hussein Faaur says:

Truly an inspiration

D. Smith says:

Its obvious you must be practicing these face exercises because you look fresh and toned. Thanks!

Janet Jennings says:

Dr you are fantastic, love you, God bless.

Tulika Dey says:

God bless you…… Dr. Mandale

milk n toast says:

also: if you don‘t have brow gel, use vaseline

Oushi Fashion House says:

I will try it. And I will tell you the result

arianastan says:

If you want your eyes to look bigger put a white pencil eyeliner in your waterline and apply loads of white/silver highlight to your inner corner

Clo Williams says:

Thanks I Needed That !!!!!

Lil xanax says:

обожаю твои туториалы аоаоаоа

hallsim062 SCS says:

Could you do a video of how to be a girly girl

Emma Leyva says:

What's with that weird model in the beginning.

Naha Sama says:

Who is the girl in the thumbnail please ?

Beena Ajith says:

Hello Dr. Plzz make video for hollow under eye

LQ says:

You said you don't know anyone who practices face exercises on a daily basis.  Well, nice to meet you, doc!  My name is Lisa, and I have been practicing these and other exercises for the face on a DAILY basis for 10 years now!  Even when I am sick, the face gets exercised. It has changed the way I look.  I thank God that I discovered these so many years ago.  I have no wrinkles lol.  Love them!!!

Linda Wagner says:

I exercise my face about,4-5x a week or more. I am 72 and look years younger.

nah •• says:

Big eyes are beautiful but I think small eyes look better.
Big eyes=cute, dainty, innocent
Small eyes=dominants, mature, sexy

Kaylah Ruiz says:

Aaahhhhh thanks for posting this

Aneeqa Beauty says:

Great video

Nibedita Dash says:

what abt dry skin… please do share some homeremedies for dry skin.

Sara Hansen says:

Yay!! Clicked so fast, I have been waiting for this!!

Erin Cafferty says:

So excited to do this routine tomorrow AM with my jojoba oil!

Abby Clanton says:

yay babe!!! totally doing this every morning. I was searching for a tutorial on lymphatic drainage forever and love yours. I'd love to see your haircare routine / how you style it so cute!

Elana Vetrano says:

Thank you for another thorough break down of your facial massage routine! Will definitely be playing on repeat. The Elemis Skinny15 code adds the two travel sizes but isn’t taking the 15% off

Sasha Crookston says:

Thanks for posting this!

Sasha Crookston says:

Please do a before an after on michaels skincare journey. I’m trying to convince my husband to start. He’s using moisturizer now, so baby steps.

Georgi Porgi says:

Oh I need to do this! I wish I could somehow massage my double chin away! Can you show us what you do to exfoliate your skin? xx

Devon Elle says:

Thank you so much for making a video of this Lauryn! I’ve listened to the podcast and seen the Barbie picture but this video helps so much more!

Hira Adeel says:

I love to massage my face and would really like to know the your massage routine with massaging tools like Clarisonic

It's Sacia says:

you’re so pretty without makeup!!

Melissa Harris says:

Can you use a syrum instead of an oil? Specifically Mario badescu vitamin c???

Anna Caroline says:

More skincare videos!!

Sophie Williams says:

I LOVE that you said mobile phone!! Love from London xxxx

Julia Faulkner says:

You need to try Jordan Samuels skincare range. It’s incredible. The sensitive Aftershow Treatment cleanser is my go to for morning facial massage, it’s an oil cleanser and has so much slip. So, so amazing!

Andrea Skaliks says:

Hey!!! I have milia on my face and nothing I do will make it go away. Help me!!!!!!!

Gabriela Maria says:

Facial massage has changed my life! needed this tip years ago

Kelli Pietenpol says:

Gua sha or jade rolling??

Drew says:

Unfortunately produce now has very little nutrients and toxins. Grow your own or spend a bundle on pure Whole Foods.

Roslyn Marrero says:

I was watching the recipe why did it just stop ugh lol

Waheedah's Recipes says:

Great information Dr OZ love the show

amazing tes says:

Weak up people, This guy is doing advertising, Check out Dr. Berg he has all the knowledge, and true information that will help, he will change your life .

Don Karlito says:

neither of these 2 seem to have much knowledge.. I’ve seen other folks aging better with more beneficial techniques..

Sascha Cajandig says:

She’s selling the diuretic aspect but… you’re supposed to drink lots of water to hydrate your skin… I hate daytime tv…

Abc 123 says:

She looks 20!!!!!!! ☺️

robert abbatte says:

In today’s world, the most common complaint is the Acne scars, Dermatique has got an advanced way of treating this Acne scars with technologies such as laser treatment and also other techniques as dermarollers and signature master treatment book an appointment right now and experience new change. More: https://www.dermatique.in/

justynjonn says:

WTF! What a weirdo Dr. Oz , talking about human skin, and then awkwardly drawing a heart around that orange. Just odd.

Jean Williams says:

Good food is the answer.

jacob almeda says:


Hot Chick says:

I grew up eating millet every day breakfast, lunch, dinner it’s one of our staple foods in Southern Africa

Rudolph says:

Successful aging is not the imitation of youth it's about feeling the best you can regardless of your age your health is your wealth

Mel Sal says:

Dr oz doesn’t have anything on Dr. Berg !!!! Dr. Berg is the bomb!!!!

arif ali says:

How about Blueberries?

arif ali says:

ABC- Adorable demo, beautiful food and clear description. Thx Dr. Oz.

Godwin Anyasi says:

what a great video, you speak from nature. keep it up

Cafe_80’s Barako says:

The lady is wrinkled…the real secret is natural detoxing as you drink lots of water and a balance diet…and try finding work like mine….

brooke bail says:

the best anti aging is a vegan diet, gym and not over drinking and using sunscreen.

bharti uikey says:

Ur so beautiful

Usha Madiwala says:

Is this massage to be done using oil or cream or the way U r showing. Please guide. Thanks

daniela dany says:

Beautiful woman! Useful tips.

cathy foster says:

i am massaging my face with the essence of argan oil for the last three months and it really worked my skin is firm and glowing

Aqdas Shafique says:

Plz tell me how to small nose by exercise

Nishant Dubey says:

Start at 2:00

ahmed nafis says:

should i do this massage and anti aging face yoga daily?

Naina Naina says:

Can we use almond oil for message?

Murthy N says:

your so beautiful and your face very attractive

ahsan ali says:

Umma is it also for males as well???

Natasha Rosa says:

thank you madam

Afren Masuma says:

Massage time need any cream, loston, oil?

Ahana Ali says:

Ur face so beautiful

Mann k says:

You are the most beautiful girl in the world.

Good God says:

Hi dear my face dry skin which oil use and my age 35 pls suggest mam pls

Music Shine says:

r u joking ,is all r facial process,

Umer Sheikh says:

We must wash our face before applying almond oil for massage. Plz reply me.

shweta chaudhary says:

Can aloevera gel b used for massage??

Bhakti Gandhi says:

Hello dear I have open porse little so can i use oil aur not please reply me


I don't really need to use oil for my face because my face is already have a oil. Only oily face can relate -,-

Mr.Knightwolf YT says:

Im training to be a workwr at the spa my mom like the jawline thingy and im 11 yrs old

De Ardeo says:

Hmm nice tutorial and videos

TS Knle says:

I wish I have a pretty wife like you

Carol says:

Thanks for sharing the youthful tips … Definitely have to be better about reapplying sunscreen… the powder would be easier for the face. So informative. :)))))))

Verdi says:

ok i have to subscribe this

Simarjeet Kaur says:

plz one video puffi eyes thnku

EllaMicaCB says:

love your video! very useful 🙂 full watched! Hope you don't forget about me. and visit me too 🙂

BlankParty says:

I look much younger than I am, but my hands look like I'm 30years older. I worked for years in the service industry, washing dishes, cooking and cleaning. Is there anything you recommend for hands?

m 123 says:

اذا وجهك ماشاء الله كذا كيف الي بالي

Lei Petite says:

Great tips Sarah! Especially the minimizing the stress bit, I think that's really true. I noticed once i hit 30, my skin is just not the same. It takes a lot more effort to make it look the way it was a few years back 🙂

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Muthoni! You are such a natural to vlogging. Great points. I DIY my facial products. That is my day cream, night cream and soaps. We'll, for my soaps I make them more oily so that they do not strip my face off the natural oils. I use coconut oil for my soaps and a bit of Lye. For my facial products I use about 15 oils for each. That is both carrier and essential oils. For the day cream I use anti acne oils like Geranium, tamano, frankinscence and for my night oils I use anti aging and anti dark spot oils like lemon oil, myrrh, carrot oil. So far they are the best things that ever happened to my skin. I have the best skin that I have ever had since puberty and can walk around without makeup, something I wasn't able to do. They are more personalised, chemical free and definitely cheaper than other options I used before.

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30 years or so ago people in America and other western countries had a similar diet to today but there was much less obesity. There must certainly be other factors outside of diet, such as the additives food companies are using and how much people consume compared to how fast they burn calories.

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Lily Lira says:

Ano po ba ang pampatanggal Ng pekas?

Lily Lira says:

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– Placenta drink
– Collagen (fish with skin, nose to tail pork with fat, organs, chicken)
– Green tea, matcha — cools down
– Tochu-cha Tea — Eucommia bark tea warms your body
– Warming/heat over cold
– Maricca digestive enzyme (tons of different fruits fermented for three years) with grape juice

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Roberta Glass True Crime Report says:

I agree with you about Japanese sunscreens=the best! My jam is the Nivea Sun Protect Gel 50 (comes in a pump) and the Rohto Skin Aqua Sarafit 50.

Rochiemac says:

What would you recommend for me I have oily skin around my hairline and on my nose but I have dry skin around my nose….My hair is always oily no matter how many washes I do :/

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Try SunPlay baby milk
Sunscreen. It’s super cheap and a physical spf which is better for sensitive skin! And this sunscreen is hydrating and blends in really well!

N.M. says:

Thanks for this video! I'm trying to figure out which japanese skincare products are best to get so this was really helpful!

Linh linhh says:

Hi! If you are still using Senka Perfect Whip facewash, I just want to comment that you have to make a foam first before using it on your face. Take a decent amount of the product on your hand and add a lot of water, whip it until it forms a nice thick foam. It might take a lot of time and practice at first but soon enough you will get the hang of it. If you want to save your time, I would recommend a net to create foam, which is pretty cheap as well.

Ann Elisabeth says:

Hada Labo is practically never sold out in Thailand. But probably a bit more expensive. I generally buy on special. My favorite so far is the water gel.

Shirley159z says:

That senka perfect whip has a very high pH though.. not really good for your skin barrier at all.. and you should lather it until it becomes a foam before you use it on your face..

Tom nascimento vassao says:

2:44 “my foundation already has sunscreen..” — just a lil tip for y’all: the SPF (sunscreen) onyour foundation is NOT ENOUGH!!!! you have to wear sunscreen everyday under your foundation !!!

Tom nascimento vassao says:

can u make a video of where to buy this skincare in japan, and also about your favorite korean skincare?

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Tomas Nofziger says:

Good video. One correction—perhaps a misspeak. The ND says: "Silica has really high collagen." No, not exactly. Vitamin C, + its constituent bioflavonoids + (mono) orthosilicic acid are the main ingredients required by connective tissues to make collagen. Inorganic silica (sand) is the anhydride of orthosilicic acid, Si(OH)4, which means that all water has been removed. 

Virtually all products in US health food stores, like silicon dioxide from horsetail, are totally useless. Biosil@ from Natural Factors has the right formula. Plus, it's stabilized with choline. However, 5mg is way too little. The product is a rip-off. IF you want good results, go on-line to Hakala Labs (Wyoming). This family of pharmacists compounds the correct formula and at the proper dosage of 150mg / tablet. 

Eat the 3 vegetable the ND suggests. Good advice. But add Ester-C in a base of bioflavonoids—1,000mg/daily or double that amount if you're training hard athletically and tearing down both connective and muscle tissues (and your immune system). Here's the link to Hakala Labs—family owned. All their products are superior. https://www.hakalalabs.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=orthosilicic+

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gardensofthegods says:

Damn, this is too weird , kind of like Cyndi Lauoer channeling Martha Stewart .

JordanGonzalez says:

PP is SO cute!!!

K Lu says:

I use the the face wash, Rose Mist & eye masks daily. It’s incredible how great the results are! If you want good performing luxury skin care, you gotta pay the price! It’s 100% worth it!

Zippsushi says:

LIVING for you and Pepe!!!!

Gustavo Aimar says:

Stop this shit, please Madame X..!

1976mcil says:

she looks great but has had lot of work done on her face and lips are full of collagen

Sarah Otis says:

Oh my goodness, RIP Sheila Wood Friendship Club! lol

K Elson. says:

‘I’ve had every treatment available’ no kidding with all those surgery cuts and injections to have a head like a pumpkin

Roscoe Joseph says:

Im so money hungry I'll exploit the insecurities of older gays. Them buying my records and tickets was nice but more please.

FinallyMommy says:

omg I died laughing when you said "tell me about it running four channels" best part of the video!!!! lol

jaquen1977 says:

Outside of liking a handful of songs I’m not a Madonna fan. But who cares what work she’s had done? The woman, as she appears in this video, is stunning.

Klauzi 7h says:

She can’t even talk with all that botox paralyzing her face

Rana Taş says:

Thank you so much! I love you ❤

Diane Solomon says:

I am really pleased with the way you massage. I have started doing it and am really pleased. Thank you

Manpreet Kaur says:

You are so beautiful

mariama el says:

فري good

Aisha Noreen says:

In summar can i do this massage?if yes then which oil should i use because my skin get oily in summar?plzzz tell me

Amandeep Kaur says:

Hey dear really love your videos, i am having very severe dark circles around my eyes and pits kind of things have been created all around my eyes now it seems there is no skin around the eyes except the very thin upper layer plz make video on this issue, that will be very helpful.

Anjali yadav says:

Which brand grapeseed eyes do you use

Loman Ali says:

هلو … بصير استعمال زيت السمسم

Lisa says:

Beautiful angel!

احمد باسم says:

Please what kind of oil.

احمد باسم says:

Is there any certain good brand?

Parima Alizada says:

Can we use tea tree oil too ?

Trisha Meloling says:

Do you use a gua sha?

silpakhan silpa says:

Recommend any cream for preventing under eye wrinkles ma'am….I do ur every massages it really wrkzz….but under eye wrinkles not gone

Meenu Das N says:

Thank u dear

radha Kumari says:

Thq so much mam

สุกัลยา ยอแสง says:

Your are beautiful i will try
i'm follow thank u dear


Hola me gustaría que puedan traducir en español

mohd. arifkhan says:

Wich oil u use n best

Corina Weber says:

Lovely. It feels so good. My eyes feel rejuvenated and firm.

Eman Ahmad says:

May i ask y 9 times in particular? Y not 10 which is a easier no…..does it also matter if i use 2 finger tips or 3 finger tips? What difference does it make plz

mobeen syed says:

Thank u olga

Sidra Mughal says:

How many days these techniques will be good result?

Kamala Bio says:

You look like one of my student. You are looking so pretty

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That was amazing but could you traduce to arabic please

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Hello mam. nice vedio

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Thanks you …

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Its vary good

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सूअर का तेल से मसाज तेल बनता है लगाओ फिर देखो किसी ने दिया था बताया बाद मे

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Hi,this is magnificent

Burhan Alsamman says:

May I know how older you?

Farhana Parveen says:

Can v use any alternate oil if v dont have olive oil?

Smita Taru says:

Plz reply…I miss u n ur smile

Ajitha Abdulsalam says:

After that do we have to wash the Vaseline of our hand

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Nisha sehgal says:

Does it work rlly?

Kelly Commerford says:

This was really helpful to watch.

Airi _96 says:

One has to be seriously dedicated to complete the 10 step process.. it takes up so much time and money:)

Pauline says:

Would do if I weren’t broke.

Park Jimin says:

When did you start to apply eye cream and suncream everyday? Idk when I should start to take care everyone says I am young and don't need it yet

Park Jimin says:

When did you start to apply eye cream and suncream everyday? Idk when I should start to take care everyone says I am young and don't need it yet

Joan98 says:

My boyfriend always brings me back skin care stuff from South Korea! What a life saver haha

kay helen says:

You’re so pretty

Buttons The Bunny says:

You are Skin Goals!

Ingrid Amel says:

Do Asian women use perfumes, and if they do, what kind of perfumes? I like your videos, you speak perfectly English

santhy family says:

Why does korean dont have pimples too

Lucy Sandoval says:

I always look forward to your get ready with videos!

Meme dealer dad says:

Her voice is so calming. I have tingles.
This video is also very helpful because I’m a teenager with bad bad acne and so now I know what products to use.

Stella K says:

Nancy, are you born in Korea?

Unnie BTS says:

Omg! They carry aromatica at CVS now!

Soumaya Youssef says:

You're so cute ❤

Julia Bengtsson says:

Does the cc cream correct to every skincolor and does it give a white cast with flash etc? 🙂

tadabae says:

me: omg her skin is literal goals
coco: "i'm a mess"
me: w h a t

thiago xavier says:

Conseguiu um fã Brasileiro!
Beleza natural!
Muito linda sem maquiagem!

Kata rin says:

lol I use eye creams but I'm still a teen so I'm ready!!

watermelon bubblegum says:

One thing I noticed is that people that live in colder areas get better skin. Im chinese but I live in the Philippines. It's a tropical country, so I sweat a lot and my skin gets oily, and it gets red and itchy and stuff when I feel hot..but when I travelled to colder places like new zealand, hong kong and china, my skin got INSTANTLY BETTER. most of my acne disappeared and appeared again when I went back home. when I travelled to warm places like thailand, there was no changes on my skin so that proves my point

Abdullah Kamran says:

What happened to your hand

Never leave Mark Lee alone with a girl says:

Where is the Boniik store in Sydney?

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Unnie you kinda look like wengie^-^

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Korean girls are so cute !

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without makeup so wow.. so beautiful thumb up!

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when coco said good morning guys i really thought she said i wanna die and i literally thought to myself "relatable" until i realized she wasn't saying that lmao

mysterious world says:

lets be honest
this routine does not cure the damn acnes right ?
i have for years and their a big bumpy pinky acnes under my sking that once upon time they had white heads with soo much bleeding and then their pink scars under my skin

Hei hei heiteteih says:

I wish my mom would have said me to prevent wrinkles

loopyfrog says:

I get my Korean & Japanese beauty stuff from YesStyle – I would totally recommend! They often have sales and I've found them to be reliable. I also appreciate that they usually put the ingredients in english.

Katze S says:

Thanks, Mary Bear! I notice Japanese/Korean makeup dont use as many harsh chemicals like in the states. Especially when it comes to skincare! They try to avoid alchohol in their skincare and that helps a ton!

Shivani Bansuri says:

30 35 k bich

Vinod Kumar says:

Kya good vibes cream oily skin key liye hai

Rakshit Singh says:

Plz apna healthy diet share kre…..plzzzzz

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Reena Dhiman says:

I think your age 29 ya 30

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kya ye oily skin k lie use ho skta h?

Lubna Shah says:

Mam ap 24,25 Sal ki lagti hain

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I made this, this is so useful. I like it

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How long can you use every batch you make?

melody says:

Can I use warm/ room temperature water

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Can it reduce Sun tan and Sun burn

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Is it okay to add lemon?

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kamalpreet kaur says:

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nazia hasan says:

How linf it stays fresh?

Ezzha kr says:

How long can I use it? will it last months?

Sonam parvin says:

apki age 29 hai, & i'm sure

DownWithThePlague says:

Indian women always seem to know all about this stuff

Shuel Gacha Channel says:

Can I use any green tea?

T-Zay says:

Going back to doing this

Besma Ouraied says:

is it okay if i use it at daytime?



Pat Mauney says:

I'm older…over 65….do your neck too…You'll thank me one day…lol…I also say thanks for sharing.

Health Digest says:

Exercise #2. Exercise for capillary circulation 2:58

This one is great at improving the circulation in your capillaries. It also exercises your spine, arms, legs, and even abdominal muscles, making your body way stronger.

Exercise #3. Joining your palms and soles 4:14

if you feel any pain or discomfort, do the exercise slowly. As it becomes easier, you can increase the pace, but not too much.

Exercise #4. Spine and stomach exercise 7:27

Spinal curvature can cause all kinds of problems for your internal organs. That’s why it’s very important to control your posture all day long and even at night!

Sandra G says:

A couple of contradictions: #32 not wearing bright lipstick. Her majesty's custom lipstick is red. You can see it in the photo for #9. #9 to avoid the sun contradicts #21 to keep a good tan. #28 is moot since it is obvious the ladies are wearing more than "two elements" at a time.

Tina S says:

rule 41: think about someone authenticaly truly beautiful. think obssesively.

Tina S says:

Rule 42 Keep smiling even if you do not feel like it. Just like a clown.

Jessica Martin says:

America is obsessed with age. Even this video is sending the message to our daughters that it’s not okay to age. We’re setting them up to struggle their whole life.
Why don’t people just stop being so obsessed with an outer appearance

June rodriguez says:

Lol that's funny

Debbie Lee says:

I think a lot of these rules have to do with just looking your best, regardless of age. Yellow teeth, unhealthy hair, too much make up, too tan or too white – all these are unflattering for all women. Unflattering looks on older women may emphasize their age, but unflattering is unflattering on anyone!

Heather Elzinga says:

It has been said a million times, but genuine confidence is the key to looking your best.

Billy Weikel says:

I wanted to ask you if you ever ate things like oatmeal and fruit for breakfast? I'm 45 as well and didn't know if you think that combo of food had to many carbs or do you just stick with a breakfast of eggs and vegetables? Thanks Christy Weikel

Eve Ha says:

The issue with very long hair is that it seems to drag the face downwards, which gravity is already doing. Also, I think hair that moves is more youthful, like shoulder length that can still be worn up sometimes. Ha- I will never give up statement jewelry tho!!

anye76 says:

i had a similar experience as you had in the store. I was in high school. i went to Stop and Shop with my bf at the time and Clueless was all the rage. this lady had on the knee-high socks, plaid mini, platform shoes. we thought from behind it was a classmate. turned out to be somebody's mom. so bf coined it cruise line body shipwrecked face. she was a good looking woman took care of herself and you could tell. in that get up she looked like a fool, trying way too hard. you are correct there are just some things i just won't wear even if i can. my aim is to look my very best at whatever age i am. just because you can wear the same size clothing as a 15 y.o. doesn't mean you should. liked this topic

Sandra V says:

I’m assuming she’s in her early forties. I’ll be 49 in 3 months and I can see the difference in my late 40’s vs early 40’s.

Artsy Cupcake says:

I disagree with the long hair one too. You are right – as long as it is well taken care of! Great tips!

Nicole Tinsley says:

Can you please do an updated AM/PM skincare routine video??

JoeyJayden says:

I think long hair can age some women but make others look younger. I think it depends on the shape of their face. When your 25 55 seems old lol. Now that I'm 40 it feels right around the corner. I also love trends but I agree there's no way I'm wearing crop tops. This was a fun video.

Starlena Jordan says:

#1 way to look old… insecurity!!!

59cottoncandy says:

I'm a new subscriber, your video came up on the screen after the video that I was watching had ended. The topic intrigued me, so I clicked on it. I really enjoyed your video and personality, so I subscribed 🙂

Jan Reichard says:

I think there are some obvious things to stay away from as we mature, short skirts and crop tops for sure! Lol. I don’t think there is an overall bible for women aging though because everyone is different and some can where things others can’t due to weight, health, genetics, etc. I have seen that woman you described that looked 25 from behind and when she turned she looked like the bride of Frankenstein!!! Scared the heck out of me too!!!

Meowlody says:

I am a victim of over plucking in the 90s too! My eyebrows are similar to yours so luckily I didn’t totally ruin them but I do use powder to fill mine in and I dye them once a month. I don’t know how old you are but you look great! I am 38 and I just wear what I like, as we get older we do have to change up our style and makeup a bit but I still wear what I like! I also agree that long hair can sometimes make us look older, I am a hairstylist so my recommendation for an older woman with long hair is adding face framing and all over long layers tends to look more youthful. I keep my hair same length as yours, mid length hair, a long bob/lob looks beautiful on everyone! I like this length cause you can still wear it up and it’s easy to manage. Honestly I wear sneakers all the time cause I’m constantly working or on the go, I cannot do any high heals other than chunky heals. Anytime I see an older woman with nice skin and hair I always ask them what products they use and all of them said using lotion on your face is very important, I’m very picky with my hair products but if I had to pick my favorites I highly recommend Neutrogena triple moisture conditioner and Briogio hair milk, they are seriously miracle products!

san corn says:

It’s so hard to decide on everything you said. To me it’s shiny, healthy hair.

SPAMALOT Camelot says:

Got news for you EVERY FEmale alive IS AN AGIng FEMALE including YOU!

Jackie c. Frye says:

Best sunscreen is kiss my face spf 30. Try it. The 50 is a way too greasy 🙂

Lindsay790 says:

Thank you for your videos! Love from usa!- I like your emphasis on skin before make up- I have been watching many of your videos week and will be applying your advice! I am curious…. should I do this routine morning and night and I am going to buy the haba lado blue bottle (is it a toner) what step would this be applied? Also I’m curious about your thoughts on the parabens in some of the products you recommend(not all have them)?
There is a company called 100% pure I purchase makeup from them and other products are nice but now I know how to apply them! – they have a nice line that does emphasize Korean skin care (of course at a price tag) maybe want to check out?
I also had another question: what shampoo and conditioner do you like? Thank you again!


once i go to college, get a credit card and work, i'm spending 90% of my money on online skincare shopping

Rumana tuli says:

for what type of skin is this?? I hav super oily skin..n terrible acne prone.I live in Bangladesh can I use this?

Riddhi Patel says:

i like eating such rice

Cheeky Cheeks says:

I'm 25 and want to start an antiaging routine:D I am going to follow your advice and get the vitamin c serum. I've heard that undermolecular hyaluron is also important, does any of your products have hyaluron in undermolecular form in it? X

Damini Singh says:

Di ye facewash aur cream market me mil jayegi

Terquise Fog says:

is essence the same thing as anti wrinkle cream? and do we use anti aging and anti wrinkle cream together? if we already have find lines and wrinkles are starting to show do put anti aging and anti wrinkle cream?

gulhasan ashrafi says:

Isko kitne time kak lagana hai

Savita Dhingra says:

Give me the name of this products and tell me tht it is used for all skin type and for any complexion

Louise says:

Cosrx aloe vera sunscreen!

Urme Pinky says:

what is the name of this tablet,,plz answer me

Zara Akter says:

Di ap ka boyfriend ka nam kiya hain?

Samer Deema says:

Tanks ♡
Would like to know what do u think of jeju secret nature products?are they good for sensitive skin?

Glenys Hart says:

When making your video’s can you say where to buy the products you use please, as I would love to follow your regime but don’t know where to get the creams etc. Thank you

Manish Yadav says:

mam koi side effect toh nhi h like funsi

Lily Mondal says:

Mujhe v a6i lagti hain aise chawal khana. .. ❤ u Di

Vinoda Kirtak says:

You look like a Korean…

Hûźëfã ķhàn says:

Korean to really naturally khoobshrat hote hai

Anggi Virgiyani says:

i use cosrx aloe sunscreen, and i really love the texture of it

Amrita Prohit says:

Hi…when should i apply emulsion and can i use loreal paris youth code pre essence as an essence?

Shubhangini says:

Please talk about best skincare brand and product in India …

Ankita Sinha says:

Isme aapne jo face wash or cream use ki h woh Korean company k to nhi h….

Prabha Gupta says:

Hi I like ur videos

royaljatti says:

I love Vichy Capital Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch Spf 50, I actually get it shipped from UK. you should try this one, it doesn't leave one looking like a ghost.


Diiii face or pimple bhut aate h aur black marks ho jate h

Chandhana Anil says:

Hi dear, after a lot of search in Youtube i finally found you. I have been binge-watching your videos.
I have a question, I think only you can answer..
Can we use the combination of
'kojic acid dipalmitate + octinoxate + allantoin'. Gel to treat dark circles?

Ehsaas _E_ Zindgi says:

Wow I love Korean tips

Ashley Clarke says:

Thank you for this video 🙂

Mo Dilban says:

I been following beauty Korean for long time but I stopped and I think it’s really waste of money

anchal nigam says:

Hi Komal. This cream is totally waste of money. Please suggest me a good fairness cream.

Jean Marie Jones says:

When do you suggest to put on the hylauronic acid, the haba labo?

Ayushi Garg says:

Which is best serum for oily acne prone skin..

Qureshi Qureshi says:

Yar ye sub cheze mujhe gift krdoo plzz

Krish Kites says:

U R 30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U look like 21

stray kids give me life says:

Baby baby geudaeneun 0:58

Scott Horror says:

i have red hair, so i literally cannot get rid of freckles.

Jessy Coleman says:

Women actually tend to look better in their thirties if they have healthy habits and don't smoke/drink heavily. Likely because when you're younger you don't think as much about the importance of your skin/health habits in general, and you start putting in more effort as you age.

leesway says:

Judging by the comments, youre the Beyonce of YT. The people love you

xkandiekissesx says:

7:24 lol

Las Pistas de Blue says:

Oh my god, you don't even look 25

JMB says:

If that hair is real it’s amazing!

Lindsay Goodwin says:

Individually packed, disposable masks are NOT environmentally friendly. Those masks are a whole lot of wasted resources that go into the landfill, taking years to decompose after just 10 minutes on your face. :/ Save all your masks up for a year and see the waste. I hope you consider a more environmentally friendly options.

Sitaa Miala says:

Intro song?

Christina says:

I just bought the kojie san soap using your link! I'm really praying that it's the real one and not the fake one 🙁

Peanuts says:

Are you taking vitamins or supplements as well?

Juleen Forbes says:

It looked like she was massaging your face that must've felt good.

L. K says:

Thank you very much for sharing these tips. I am from Finland and here we also have the annual tan hype.. I haven't wanted a tan in over 12 years, and I think it is a good thing that you have accepted "the paler version" of yourself, too. You look great and healthy. 🙂

Kajfjanls Ndfbkaiej says:

Bruh i thought that you had foundation on , btw you look cute❤️

Anna Hulliyyatul Jannah says:

i m 26, i hope i m not too late to start this good habit. thank you for this amazing video 🙂

Adventure Society says:

The stare count!! DEAD

ashleigh samuel says:

Thanks for sharing! The aqua peel is called a hydrafacial in the states…they are definitely the BOMB!

Bulletproof Love says:

– Don't wear too much make up

liam hovart says:

You didn't talk about the glutathione injection you got. I saw it on Seoul medical guide's channel. Is it effective?

wendy levy says:

Really good information. My best tips are to wear a wide brimmed hat every single day and use a facial toning device.

Desiree Loud says:

I don't have good skin either

Desiree Loud says:

I never knew when you are in Korea they speak English

Vardhini Varu says:

Hai can you please share products of India …

TheDuchesse says:

what u talking about lala. u OUR Star!!!!

Barbora Hladká says:

Thank you youtube for recommending me this video (with no history of watching beauty videos). Looking at you, I realised the difference in my skin at 21 and your amazing skin at 29. This video made me care and do more than just wash my face with water!

Navi Chauhan says:

You are really very very beautiful…….

Soumya Shukla says:

Any diy for tan skin

teonaalex says:

But you look old?

Moon Seul Byul says:

how much did you pay?

Nitin Agarwal says:

I think you are a cutest and beautiful girl in the world. I just wanna kiss you beautiful cheeks. You are an angel. I love you so much.

Dre Garza says:

I'd love to receive this #Voxbox ! Totally a believer of these skin products and would love to be selected. Check out my #MyMiracleBeautyPicks #SKII list on #Influenster <3

Cheryl McDaniel says:

I would love to review these products in the SKII vox box. Thanks for the opportunity, influenster!

Michelle Marston says:

I'm all about skincare and make-up :).ppl think I'm in my 20's and I'm 39 with a soon to be 17yr old.who's a make up junkie also,she's got the skill down on contouring.so I def would love to win this :). And give my honest opinion on the product.#sk-II #infuenster #contest #voxbox #mircalebeautypicks

Annie K. says:

Ughh totally want this #skii #voxbox —top of my #miraclebeautypicks list!

casandra vazquez89 says:

I definitely need to try it out!!! 😀 #SKII #miraclebeautypicks

Dianna Heather A says:

I Love SK ll. My skin completely change due to these products!!! Love love SK ll

Amber Henson says:

I want to try it soooo bad

Ellen Hynes says:

Can't wait to get my voxbox

Pru Martin says:

@influenster ME, ME, & YES ME! this SK II sounds like an absolute fantasy & I have been obsessed with Korean beauty products lately.

Ani Di says:

I would love to try these products . my complexion needs improvement so bad.

Donna P. Howard says:

I would still like the opportunity to try a vox box full of make up. Lately I have been reading about essence & water masks. And how silky it's suppose to leave the skin. Hopefully, you will come back again my way.

candyberried says:

When workers were in rice fields

LadyLuckTutorials says:

posted my video on this. that mask is amazing

Comentario X says:

Hey girl on the video, you have HUGE pimples around your mouth…are you sure SK-ii works on you??

Kenia mejia says:

God, I want to try it. #SKII #MIRACLEBEAUTYPICKS

Noisy Kid says:

Sumnail woman is korean actor

Julie Kim says:

Best review I've seen on this product line! Thanks!

Tina Santos says:

Parent company is : ‎Procter & Gamble

Rachel Rosen says:

Actually SK II didn't discover the use of sake for skin. Geishas were using sake hundreds of years ago as a facial toning agent.

Miguel Botes says:

Jim Parson is 45?!?!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?! WHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT!??!?!?!?!?! Guys this can't be true

Malik Mueez says:

Rami Malek??? How did you miss that

Judith Magill says:

Christie Brinkley looks gorgeous ! One thing in common they all have is $$$ and access to the best of everything. Cameras are cruel and they do not lie.

gagah lasmana says:

Know this everyone! PM of Malaysia, Dr.Mahathir Muhammad is 93 years old now.

Gazal Shuhaib says:

do i know mammootty indian famous actor with 67

Karen Denning says:

It’s really interesting because I’ve recently been studying face reading which is the science of the link between facial features and personality traits, and having a small fulcrum (the space between the lips and nose) typically means you care more about how you look than what you do and a large one means the opposite. So it’s interesting that as we grow older we tend to care more about what we do than how we look!

Susanna Löfberg says:

Hey Olga, and thanks so much for this so ovious point, which I havent noticed before, so Im shame about me, LOL :D.
I really hope you share to us some knowledge, whichdoesnt come from some kind of "being make-up artist" ect, cause they might be sometimes littlebit above us..
You are intelligent and your mind works from eyesight to brain, so whats the matter with it..
Hope you more SEEING :)))

Chris Toscano says:

All those people have had face lifts… Yes your tricking people alright…

Lee Devitt says:

Im gonna get my top lip plumped up…..

0hpalpitations says:

Yes, people's philtrums (space between nose and mouth) naturally get longer as they age, but Kim Kardashian's got longer because of her nose job-she made her nose too short!! I, however, I am one of those unlucky people who just have a naturally longer than average philtrum for a woman :/ I don't think I look older than my age, but I do think I don't look as pretty/feminine as I could look if the space were shorter (i'm not ugly, but i could be slightly better) 🙁 It makes me very sad.

Jessica Lawless says:

Wow these woman look so young! What a crazy botox! Uh I mean gene

Kel Auble says:

Bruce definitely looks his age

B T says:

this is simply BS and so funny. are you going around with a measuring tape or stare at people's nose-lips area obsessing about their age? this must be some very old myth that came down from the 14th century. Please just find some other important topic to share with others….

I am Me says:

You are beautiful

Enda Jordan says:

Ah come on 2 words….. plastic surgery !

farin 007 says:


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Did it really work??

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Never thought about the lip measurement giving up someone's age, very interesting! Thank you for the tips, you are amazing! 🙂

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Plz give me some remedy to get beautiful chin like you mam plz plz

Jass Gondara says:

everything is fake… why?? nothing works

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Yes, amazing how cosmetic surgery and professionals caring for hair and makeup can make someone look years younger, says me in a ridiculous, animated voice.

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Really works

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You're home is very nice & luxurious with swimming pool with water melon eaters boyfriend you are very lucky good Bye your highness.

Beautiful Villian says:

The lady got jaws removal surgery. It is so popular in Asia. Or the cheek fat removal surgery. There are the fats look like egg yolks inside the cheek (Go to find out in anatomy class). These surgeries are so popular and cheap in Asia. Facial massage helps relaxing, not changing hard skull. Or… They are the different women. Look at the hair line. They are not the same person.

Debra Hammond says:

This is all good info but it means nothing to someone who has structural imbalances and can actually have adverse affects. please folks, see someone certified in orofacial myofunctional therapies. Thank you. (and yes, I'm a certified OM).

Love 1990 says:

I came to this video hoping to see Thomas Brodie Sangster and his young genes

Rima Nat says:

Actual video will be appreciated.

Priyanka Robert says:

I totally agree with you

mitchy bitchy says:

Here are doctor recommended ones. That work! Do it at least a few times a day. Also ur diet makes a difference


regal rai says:

Will it really work

Deeneez Rosé says:

I'm a slim person but I had a very chubby round face… This is very helpful

Bailey Shuttleworth says:

you should look up my grandmas age

elmundoenvans Blogger says:

Hi Olga, do you have the link for the lipstick? I would love to try them out

Poonam Arora says:

How can I forget Aishwarya Rai??

Lil Pink says:

My face looks fat

Amanda Xoxo says:

If you have a sensitive skin ahahahahaha

다미최 says:

just get a lip lift

Babita Bhatt says:

Awww my dream girl

Maia’s Life says:

You will see a big improvement if you

1.put your face in a bowl of cold water for 10 secs and do it four times

Sandra Diaz says:

Plastic surgery does wonders

Ann D says:

very nice.thanks.

Kiana K says:

Some say chew gum some say don’t
I’m kinda stuck here:/

Xie Er says:

1. Use Cold Water Morning/Evening
Meaning diping your whole face in a cold water bowl for 10 sec. 4 times

2. Try a(Ah) o(Oh) e(Ee) Exercises sound 30 times everyday. Maximum extent

3. Facial massage Morning/afternoon/Night
Rub the meaty spot. More then 5 min. Stop when the face feel hot and a little red.
Or do both at the same time rubbing and saying the word owo"

4. Cheeks muscle exercise
Use straw to drinks.. blow balloons to draw out the baby fat away. The fudge… '-'

5. Health eating
Fruits and vegetables.

6. Drink plenty of water..

Edit: I'm starting to have second thoughts of this not helping… -_-


Hey guys, what´s your favorite Reese Witherspoon movie? How about "Big Little Lies"?

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Fantastic View haripareek video

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madhaba mk@www.com says:

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الحين انتي اللي في قناة وصفة زينة

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Lady Jays Adventures says:

I was always nervous about trying overseas items too. Gotta check it out. Thanks for all that you do showing these amazing products that you enjoy.

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We can use this remedy on our face?

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Ty for this review I love trying out skin care products!!!

Scrapbook Adventures says:

These sound like they are good, lucky you getting to try!

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What a great collaboration

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What kind of rice we need to use dr?

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Swathi Iyer/ Zesty South Indian Kitchen says:

I know Japan has best beauty products I learned during my stay in Tokyo. Great video.

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Glen Patton says:

When I turned Forty, my eyesight also began to diminish. After performing the research and reading lots of reviews that are positive of this product, I applied this vision improvement approach “buzu unique only” (Google it) two months ago. I could tell the difference within a few weeks. It really helps enhancing my reading.

Exercises at home says:

I love you video

Jordan Brooks says:

I have began having issues with my vision since I was 40. I kept searching for treatments for affected eye sight and I come across the vision development method fetching gobam site (Google it). That was Eight weeks ago and I began to observe warning signs of advancement right after 14 days. Now, reading has become less complicated than before.

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Anm0l Butt Lahore says:

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shonyce johnston says:

I think that people with natural melanin in the skin has a natural UV protectant and dark skinned people age naturally slow as well because their melanin naturally reduces aging

Oscar Lua says:

can i fix this even though i was born with it?

Cristina Aixelá says:

I´m Spanish and love Korean Skincare. I buy many products you have recommended and my skin change very much. Incredible, in the live i have had such beatiful skin. Thank you very much

IA says:

~•1•~ SunScreen 0:55
~•2•~Cushion Foundation 1:51
~•3•~ Hydration 4:10
~•4•~ Brightening Products 5:53
~•5•~ Double Cleansing 7:38

Your Welcome!!

Emre Meraklı says:

İm 19 and i have this what can i do?

Maria M. Martinez says:

Yeah all right
I was a slave a working slave not sexual.
When I was 11 to 17
And nothing works on me.
I need surgery,for sure

Megha Goyal says:

Don't they have any other work

Dr Milind Naik, MD says:

Unfortunately, nothing in this video is truly scientific. Ageing changes and droopy eyelid are two different entities. In the latter, exercises shown here may worsen it. My sincere advice for quick-fix seekers is to stay away from such videos!

KiTA says:

Why is everyone focused on just the face? This is annoying because I want something that will get rid of the scars on my entire body and leave me with smooth skin.

shama oriflame says:

Thanks for useful information

S A says:

No home remedies can be affective against a cosmetic surgery for this issue!

Lovely Deseret says:

Please,go straight to the point..not so many bla bla bla

93lia 48na은해 says:

Does "Age 20's" count as a cusion foundation ?

Cat Attacks says:

You should have done your research first on cushion foundations….Almay a brand belonging to revlon started the whole cushion foundation thing literally a decade and a half ago, where as Korean beauty trends just popularized it…so always do enough research

only status says:

Hindi ma batav

Hiden Zink says:

Does cucumbers work?

Vivian Hallert says:

What a load of bs… drooping eyelids are caused by age… no tea is going to make the ageing skin jump back up where it was 12 yrs ago…who comes up with this crap…

Ron Zeth says:

How to have perfect skin? First

Be a korean

Dhiraj Kumar says:

How koreans have glass skin

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I'm an African, does it work for dark skin I really want to have a beautiful skin too please provide an online site for products

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Jeanette Erandio says:


Kitty_ Kat says:


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Does thi exercise works?

Marilyn Mckenzie says:

🙁 no colours I can use in those :’(

Sanjeeta G.C. says:

Hello i have this problem from birth .Doctors have suggested to do surgery but I am so scared about it what shall I do

raghubir soren RAGBISO says:

If u think eyelip droopiness because of neurological issues can be cured by accupuncture ,I had a stroke due to which my right eye got a little droopy, may be dat will help it out.

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1:18 start the video

Kieu Thi Muc Cai says:

I always use sunscreen, everyday…but it’s not working

Valmiki ITI says:

can children use cushion foundation

fatima ezzahra charafi says:

Incredible mask !! Thank you Nd keep going .. looking forward to watch more of your videos

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I was hoping you would do a video for mature women, thank you! And thank you to your lovely mother!

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Luv your mom! She is so laid back…letting you use her as your cute lil' model.

Member information says:

1 Corinthians 15: 3-4 For what I received I passed non to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that He was buried, that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures,

Patricia Lopez says:

Yes she is lovely she has no wrinkles so she should work an older person she talking about something she knows nothing about

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السلام عليكم اخواتي التي تعرف الانجليزيه ياريت الترجمه للعربيه للفيديو واريدد معرفه الزيوت التي تستعملها فالمساج وربي يجازيكم وشكرا

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Hi. Ms. Olga. It's nice video. Mam its okey to use baby oil. Like johson's baby oil . Or where did you buy the oil you use. . Pls refly. Or give some tips what kind of oil used it. Or products its easy to buy in any market or mall. If from san francisco. More power. Thanks.

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Thank you olg

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Rekha Venugopal says:

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Can we use cleaning gel or cream or any other massage cream for this massage?

Stay beautiful
Good day

Binu Neupane

Farheen Thakur says:

When i use almond oil, the hair grow on my face. Please suggest

B says:

Olga, are you inspired by Sanford Bennet?

Pamela P. says:

More face massage videos unni!

Autumn Rae says:

YES EuniUnni, please show us some foreign friendly and some POC friendly dermatologists in Korea! I specially want something for skin pigmentation and waking up looking FLAWLESS lol.


Pls im confused with toner and sheet mask, can i use toner after sheet mask cz i live in a city where humidity is so much..so after using sheet mask my face feel Sticky so can i remover extra Essence with toner after using sheet mask?? Does it will be beneficial??

Twinkle gurung says:

Thank u uniie for the juice recipe and massage , btw can u recommend me best tonner, foam cleanser from wishtrend

Anisha Dsouza says:

I love the juice recommended

Mala Pandhak says:

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Asma Shabbir says:

Dear, in summer what do you add instead of orange? Plz reply me

Asma Shabbir says:

Dear, can i add red pearls serum in hyaluronic acid serum? Plz reply me

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Is bad caffeine for ageing?I am a doctor and I work on night at hospital without sleep!

PsycheodeliaDelle says:

" Pay your surgeoun very well to break the spell of aging, celebrity skin is this your chin or is it war you're waging".

Esha K. D says:

Unni thank you for the great tips! Im gonna try the juice today!
I'm 22 but I'm sooooo concerned about my under eye area(?) Not dark circles but i feel like its just sinking in you know(?) Like kinda hollow o.O
I wanna know what can be done for that ;_; But facial massages has really helped me on other parts of my face 🙂 ♡

Zyron Cool says:

ohh my sister !!!! i love love love your video .

Sinda Xchaefer says:

i would like to see a video on your brand new makeup theory. no contours and rosy cheeks and lips! did you hire a stylist e?

S K says:

Urdu mai Btady gy please

Snorita Asrafee says:

How can i get rid of my wrinkles below my eye?

Koora Corussel says:

This video was recommended to me in my youtube feed and i find it very interesting. but I have a question: are those make up products vegan and/or cruelty free? that is something which is very important to me because I dont want that animals have to suffer for my beauty. i know that asia has no animal protection law but are there still products which are animal friendly?

Akira Ahu Maipi says:

I swear it’s genetics.. I’ve used Korean and Japanese skincare for months and didn’t notice any difference

E B says:

Amazing! Super excited to go back to Japan and find these products, thanks 🙂

hobomofo123 says:

Please do an updated 2019 video! Will be going to Japan soon again and loved all the products you recommended here!

tripbargains says:

I am going to be staying in a Shinjuku hotel. Where can I go for an inexpensive wash and blow dry nearby. How late are they open and how much should I expect to pay? I have long straight waist length hair. Thanks!

Terri Zu says:

I love your intro!

byoutifully says:

I have such a love/hate relationship with stores like this because 1. I want to look and touch everything but 2. there so much going on in the store that it gives me anxiety Lol

C Tran says:


taramomo3 says:

Japanese make up and skin care is so hella expensive in the philippines tripple the actual price

Cristine-Ocenar Placio says:

thanks very much! very informative keep it up

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Perfect Whip is my fav too!!

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thank you. I enjoyed your vids, very informative. Look forward to seeing your other vids.

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Super helpful!

HighlyFavored says:

What is the purpose again of yuagari suppin powder? Is this only worn at night or can it also be worn on daytime?

angelee cuachin says:

Hi mam how much the dhc collagen f u convert in peso

Mei Li Y says:

Hi. I live in US. Do you know Japanese website that sells products shown in this video, with low prices like this Japanese's store?!

TokiYuYu says:

Here's part 2 of Don Quijote and I'm showing you guys my top 10 beauty items! And for the guys that watch my videos, don't shy away from this one just because it's beauty items! Some of these you can use for yourself, and you could also get gift ideas for the important ladies in your life! (≡^∇^≡) Don't forget to comment to let me know what videos you would like to see next!!!

aiysha tasneem says:

wht u use,organic ginger or wht didn't get ur point???

Binti Wa Mfalme says:

i just tried this, im mixing it with lemom , yeah its burn ,the good way lol

Youcouldnotmakeitup2 says:

The burning is the anti septic that's in ginger..its also anti fungal  ..its also anti biotic  so it like a wonder product..and it nice with boiled rich..yum

Aishah Idris says:

How long it takes for you to see results?

Sara Khudeir says:

Thanks for the video! I'm going to do this every day

Roxana Leonzo says:

Blablabla blablabla

Fetish ASMR says:

Pretty cool that ancient Egyptians synthesized their own compounds.

space IsDeep says:

is that the whole documentary?it seemed to me like i watched the second half….

David Gissing says:

Yes you could well be correct. When I started to use VHS in the eighties tape was expensive and later using dvd+/-r and dvd+/-rw  to record and transfer discs were expensive and so content was recorded as it came along. Also it was a bit of a hit and miss affair and so some recordings started into the program or tape/disc ran out before end. I also didn't always record a whole series. Overall an exciting time seeing the evolution of home video recording.

hendi fox says:

Could it be possible they wore eyeliner to reflect the sun just like a lot of athletes do? Especially since they were Sun worshippers.

Marcie Willis says:

Thank you for this

David Gissing says:

Hi Nut and thanks for having a look. This video seems to be one of the more popular I have uploaded. If interested in ancient Egypt you might want to have a look/search for recently discovered tomb of a high priest. I haven't had time to research news reports however will do so soon.

bandar ceme pkv says:

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I am somewhat sure I will be informed lots of new stuff right here!

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Johnny C says:

Haha, freaky

xxxRampage1xxx says:

starch isn't good for the body so how would this work,can you explain on a cell level please?

Rayna Clarke says:

I think the secret is that Japanese women eat it all the time. They eat it on a daily basis. Im sure the mask helps but if you really think about it, it's the fact that they are eating it all the time, getting the vitamins directly into their system.

Furrybabys H says:

I know an asian woman. very thin nice completion, she said the women in her culture only eat rice, broth and steamed veges everyday. the men eat anything they desire, but the women have to stay slim. so maybe it's just the diet.

Shashi Chana says:

Many thanks for sharing this video.

Anita Gibb says:

this is total bs. it is a scientific fact that Asians have more collagen. collagen is what holds the skin taut. that's why they look young for a long time. however one can prevent collagen loss by taking bio identical hormones and optimizing nutrition.

I-Love-Music says:


but uncomplete and not working Receipt !
The Rice will not stay on your Skin, it will fell of.
So U have to mix the Rice with some of the Rice Water
and Honey in a Blender ! This Pudding like Mixture will remain
on your Skin much better.

Try it"

Alamelu Ganapathy says:

which brand of Japanese rice good for face mask

李子远 says:

Abselouly work, my mom also use rice water everyday,,, she have no wrinkle on her face , she is 50 year old now

pathan Norin says:

Plss!! Glas skin remdy!

Kayla Renee says:

These aren't trends in Japan but I do have the necomimi and they are really fun.

raza shah says:

wow that amazing

WALTER Salcedo says:

Hello is it worth it anymore boys be boys and have fun who gets his crap who wants to start a family with somebody that was a Bo boss all the time

Neko Nē says:

I want the Cat Ears!!

Miku's Nightcore's says:

I wish i was japannese but im DOMICAN. Edit: from now on imma eat all of this

Kevin Joseph says:

Nice video, thank you

Daphne U says:

This is kind of racist. Title as "Outrageous Japanese Trends". And though they are in Japan, I would not call them trends haha

Nani Nobody says:

You tried but it's a no from me.

ᄋᄋᄋ says:

Not only Japanese but Koreans and Chinese are same. It is because they think slim body beautiful than thick ones and asians have smaller bone structures than westerners. And asians look young because they have many fat on their face and they have thicker skin and some genetic matters maybe

Gordon G says:

Isn’t it all Asian women?!

Miu Miu says:

Kimuchi is Korean food! we like it thought

Jeejee Fabulous says:

Lol, I may agree for some of it but stongly disagree about having plastic surgery, Japanese girls prefer Eyelid tape/glue than plastic surgery coz it cost alot of money and time and mind you, they are always busy.

Miu Miu says:

It's nice video to cover most of our habits✨Of course gene is one of the reason which effected from our healthy diet and life style for thousands years.
But many foreigners living in Japan become slim and healthy (looking younger) to follow our diet and life style!

Olly Mars says:

My favorite trend is the Igari makeup 🙂



Agent 47 says:

my mother would bury me six feet under if she caught me eating and doing something else. when she was little, this was true for her as well.

ayyy lmao says:

But the question is…do any work?

tx nightowl says:

I stopped this at 37 seconds because it annoys me to be treated like an illiterate imbecil. I came here to see a video. NOT have text on the screen read to me! Text that I can read MUCH faster than the pathetic announcer in the first place!

jouwayriyaable says:

Their genes not the gastronomy or anything.

MF de says:

Not all do martial arts.

Toria says:

I have a pair of Necomimi, they're amazingggg

JustAHorrorShow says:

None of these are trends. But no comments on 3:30?

Carlos Suarez says:

Um cause Japanese people are not fat fucking slobs who don’t insist on eating everything that’s deep fried buttered dipped in pork fat chees wiz smothered in some hot sauce and moyonaise.

Donna Sochia says:

LOVE the HK contacts

Leon says:

These are not "trends" I would know because I'm half Japanese. No wonder this channel has so few subscribers.

A Mdz says:

Man I've seen some old ass asians what they talking about..


Nekomimi cat ears were awesome

akumaism says:


Guppy-g says:

I wish i could commute by biking! One time i had no car and my bike commute was nearly 2 hours long! It would have been okay if i didnt have to bike home in the dark too. Risking getting hurt or picked up, also 4 hours of my day was biking.

Joe Strahm says:

I love Japanese women they take very good care of their selves and their culture and their Heritage helps with the way they look they are very beautiful women if American women did half of what the Japanese women do every day they would look so much better if I had a choice of any woman on this planet it would definitely be a Japanese woman

KEE KEE says:

Actually double eyelid surgery mostly is a korean trend

Dra Muah says:

Double eyelids surgery ???? Almost all Japanese people have double eyelids naturally including myself.

patrick costello says:

So basically they live better and make better choices.

yuno gasai says:

You dont know what the word trend means

Vladimir Putin says:

KEfir? Are they Russian?

yuno gasai says:

shows korean product

Kamilla Iqbal says:

They have a unique beauty. I like them with red lips and black eyeliner.

autistic tech girl 1990 says:

I’m bisexual and find Japanese young women have sexy voices One of my friends told me I should maybe look for a Japanese girlfriend as they are into bisexual stuff. I live in the UK

Inlakesh says:

sorry but no one in japan even knows what kefir, sauerkraut or tempeh is.

sa- ku- says:

They're just crazy and weird things.
Definitely not common…

Michelle Lilley says:

Thank you for your honestly about Nalu! Your hair looks beautiful now!

Senpais favorite says:

Gigi ❤️

chocktachick says:

Thank you so much for talking about this. I felt very alone. I ordered a couple of the things you talked about and here is hoping they work to bring my hair back!

A v s J A v s J says:

hi hi lian u and i have SAME hair

mimi Tamang says:


shermanowney1971 says:

So beautiful and gorgeous

Ms. Understand Japan says:

First, I think you're really brave to openly talk about problems you've had with your hair. I feel like a lot of women might be too embarrassed to openly point out that they've had hair loss.

Second, I'm so sad to hear that you problems with NALU. 🙁
I've always had positive experiences, but I've only gotten the straight perm and a cut. They always ask me what we did last time when I come in, and the woman who does my hair speaks English fluently (it does seem that when foreigners come in she often gets pulled away from me to consult with them in English, so maybe not all of the workers are fluent in English).

Daron Scates says:

You look absolutely gorgeous!

Sharday Cota says:

Is your hair still falling out

Hana-Umi Productions says:

I wonder who this Maiko is.

SpellboundTonight says:

She looks so humble, and serene

Amy Reeder says:


Vannia Solano says:

Wow u look beautiful

kalisteau says:

:O when you doodoo your hair??? what doo you mean? hehe… nice video thank you for sharing

FlyingMonkies325 says:

Stuff with Argan oil is also good for hair thickening and also it helps your hair grow faster so i would recommend try using that as your regular shampoo, you could just get the oil too and put it in your hair i've seen a few things about it even men using it to help thicken and grow their hair and it works really well.

sofi Wette says:

She is a maiko I think. That's because you can see that it's her own hair not a wig. Maikos use their own hair and geikos use wigs. But judging by the way she applies her makeup, she is older maiko.

nurulabdullah90 says:

still battling with t.e since my sister passed away in 2017..so depressed & so much money & effort wasted..feels like giving up every single day..

Ms. Ezmirelda says:

Love this! Have a giveaway going on if anyone is interested ❤️

N nixon N rules says:

absolutely beautiful

Moon Princess says:

Who came here because of "Memoirs of a Geisha"?
Anyone? Just me?

Okay… 🙁

Junior Chef TV says:

Btw love this

figursk8r4evr says:

When you're pale af so you gotta put on that extra sunscreen

Boo Sweets says: