Prison beauty hacks

Making yourself beautiful in prison also follow me on IG



jfks fsdfds says:

Have you been able to monetize your videos yet?

Elizabeth Clark says:

You're adorable!

Meghan Marie says:

Girl you have flawless skin

Alyssa Sally says:

I love your videos so much!!!

AliaPuaina says:

You’re skin is so pretty like it looks so soft

abby del rey says:

i thought velvet playing in the background was one of my cats at home lol!

annettemint says:

I didn’t see any ads. I hope you are monetizing your videos sis and add minimum 3 ads for those longer videos.

Alyssa McAdorey says:

I have so much fun watching you. I wanna be besties


someone wanna tell me how this kind soul got in prison.

Brooke Teschmacher says:

I love velvet

Kelly Lewis says:

Who doesn't love walmart

Nikko Orinda says:

The pussy is old and used

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