Planting Seeds : Holiday Health Hacks

In this series, we sit down and talk about the things that come with your health and fitness journey. Health isn’t just about what is on the outside but what is on the inside as well. We want to create strong and confident minds and make sure that we are also creating a balance in our fitness journey. Seeds of the Power Plant is about creating a healthy path to our best mind and heart as well as body.
In this episode, I am going to be sharing with you my 5 health hacks for the holidays. We all get there, holidays can be stressful and full of excuses to put off our goals and our fitness journey. I wanted to share with you guys how you can balance the stress of the holidays as well as keeping your fitness journey fun and part of the holidays.
These are also great ways to incorporate after the holiday season as well. It is super important that you know why you have started on this path.
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