PATCHY BEARD HACK | How To Make A Spotty Beard Look More Full

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  1. When someone takes so much pleasure in the small details of what they do they are true professionals. You may never realise how much self confidence and comfort in their own body you enable people to have doing this.

    Barbers deserve recognition for their services to the community, they can have as much positive effect as a doctor/surgeon/paramedic saving lives.

    Keep up the great work !!

  2. You can’t. Genetics. End of story

  3. How to make patchy beard look more full

    Step 1: make head look like a penis

  4. If you have a patchy beard just shave it all, you are not alpha you can’t pretend to be one, you are just a beta lactating male and it’s in your genetics it can’t be change.

  5. This is a lot of work for something that will be undone in 2 days.

  6. This aint a patchy beard. His jawline connects i can grow a beard mustache and goatee but none of them connect.

  7. I was impressed then I saw the hair fibres…two words: fuck off

  8. All guys look same. From Florida to Napoli

  9. i prefer to just cutting it down to 5mm every day and renew the line at the neck and a bit on the cheeks, a bit of patchiness or imperfection makes you more attractive then all of those lines.

  10. Got them chipmunk cheeks boy

  11. Sir please reply me.. How to grow hair in patch area and more thicker fill beard

  12. This guy looks like a sad handjob. lol.

  13. looks like a gta character

  14. Dude got beard like me, right side has better coverage.

  15. Damn he got the fuck my shit up treatment

  16. Just found your videos and saw you’re in sac!! Hope you are able to take a new customer!!

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