OBJ DROP FADE_Hair Tutorial_ by Dlucs_

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  1. Dude look like shannon from undisputed

  2. I swear if you search up "obj" a thumbnail of shannon will be right next to the video they look alike

  3. That package looked a little tough to open huh? Lol

  4. Boy got some white ass teeth

  5. Nice! Good job brother

  6. I love this because they’re are so much people with the 0bj cut but that haircut actually suits him

  7. It's not faded well…it looks 2 days old…needs more refinement…

  8. Damn this dude needs to start brushing his hair geez

  9. Era pra falar português

  10. make a video on how to line up ur beard by urself so u dont look bummy sexy

  11. Does the es3 blade fit a slim line pro out the box or you gotta get it modified??

  12. Wow that’s really good keep going bro ☺️

  13. That hair is dope is hell!

  14. He got them Killmongers

  15. What was done in the hair to be curled up?

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