Natural Treatments and Exercises For Droopy Eyelids

The eyelid sagging is the case that one or both upper eyelids droop. As you get older, a deformation may occur in the muscle responsible for lifting and lowering the eyelids. This is the most common type of droopy or saggy eyelids. Age-related eyelid drooping can be corrected by various herbal treatments, exercises or surgery. There are also other reasons of eyelid drooping. Some neurological disorders, muscle diseases, eye trauma or excessive skin formation on the eyelid can cause eyelid drooping. In addition, the impairment in the development of the muscle that lifts the eyelid causes droopy eyelids in children. For these children there is a chance that lazy eye can occur in time so it is necessary to take a doctor’s recommendation to avoid this situation.
It is important to see the doctor before doing any application and find out the real reason of droopy eyelids. If you have age-related eyelid sagging, you can easily apply the cures and exercises given in this video.


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  1. Chamomile tea whats

  2. Can we us green tea bag

  3. Thank u soooooo much mam

  4. Thank u sooo much

  5. can i fix this even though i was born with it?

  6. İm 19 and i have this what can i do?

  7. Yeah all right
    I was a slave a working slave not sexual.
    When I was 11 to 17
    And nothing works on me.
    I need surgery,for sure

  8. Unfortunately, nothing in this video is truly scientific. Ageing changes and droopy eyelid are two different entities. In the latter, exercises shown here may worsen it. My sincere advice for quick-fix seekers is to stay away from such videos!

  9. Thanks for useful information

  10. No home remedies can be affective against a cosmetic surgery for this issue!

  11. Please,go straight to the point..not so many bla bla bla

  12. Hindi ma batav

  13. Does cucumbers work?

  14. What a load of bs… drooping eyelids are caused by age… no tea is going to make the ageing skin jump back up where it was 12 yrs ago…who comes up with this crap…

  15. How long it will take to cure permanently ?

  16. Does thi exercise works?

  17. Hello i have this problem from birth .Doctors have suggested to do surgery but I am so scared about it what shall I do

  18. If u think eyelip droopiness because of neurological issues can be cured by accupuncture ,I had a stroke due to which my right eye got a little droopy, may be dat will help it out.

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