Natural Beauty TIPS! Long Eyelashes, Hair & Glowing Skin

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All natural palm oil free soap –
Exfoliating gloves –
Sea Foam Face Wash –
Leave in Conditioner –
Osea Scrub –
Black Castor Oil –
Mychelle Tinted Sunscreen –
Tarte mascara –
Vegan dry brush –
Sun lip balm –

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The Unteathered Soul –
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La Reine Rose says:

Thanks you for the video, I love this kinda stuff soooo much! OK Now you really got me thinking about my hormones, I have pimples from time to time, bad cramps this time around, and thinning hair! How do I manage my hormones?? If I tell the doctor they will probably just prescribe something?? I have been intermittent fasting and eating vegan 90 % of the time in transition. Maybe this is why my body is mad at me? HELP ?! Xoxo L

kriegselefant11 says:

I'm so buying some of that soap at Portland VegOut!

Psychelon says:

You should not use castor oil undiluted, you dilute it out with other oils. (If it's not for medical reasons ofcourse, like with the menstrual cramps) Very good for the scalp, no problems in any way to use it there if you blend it.

Alina Tarasyuk Russian Refugee says:

who would take beauty tips from you, honestly? no one.

Lorielle Hughes says:

1) you can braid your hair for waves too.
2) JBCO is really thick, but you just use a small amount and it’s actually beneficial to African American hair since the oil is needed in black hair so it won’t make everyone’s hair look “awful.” White people already have the oil that they need that’s why it might look “awful.”

Salty Crunchy mama says:

I can’t wait to meet you at Pdx vegout!!

Maryanne Gauthier says:

Oh there IS a HOLY GRAIL product- Sunday Riley Good Genes. Seriously the shit will transform your face. Try it, buy it on ebay if you cant afford it.

Anna Wise Hollis says:

Sunscreen is the best anti-aging product.

Amanda Welch says:

yes! castor oil is the bomb!

Amanda Welch says:

can u post the link to your vegan face dry brush? i have one for my body but all the face ones ive found are made with boar bristles

Kira B says:

Best "beauty" video ever – thank you!

Ashley Hudson says:

How do you apply the castor oil to eyelashes? Just with fingers?

alwaysneed2learn says:

GREAT tips! Keep it simple! My hubby makes the ONLY moisturizer we use on our face/body which has a shea butter foundation. I make our shampoo and deodorant and just keep things SUPER minimal… and I always get compliments on my skin.

Emilia Scott says:

this video was just what I was looking 4

Suzannah Troy says:

I was savagely assaulted at their Fagelman's in soho 155 Spring st – I was age 50 at the time and I look 35 – I felt beautiful before was assaulted it was like the receptionist office manager for mD really had it out for me — I was another doctor patient- My patient rights and then my body were violated when I couldn't get help I tried my doctor was already in with someone when I went to document it that became open season sleep trying to beat me and since then October 1, 2012 I've aged 100 years I had gained 35 pounds so it's been almost 7 years so for my 57th birthday I've lost the weight I fin working with Anthony Taylor of Spud Fit To lose the last bit of weight and he has help me.
Please google Dr Fagelman assault. Please click on the YouTube. There's an evil guy that is gaslighted me blaming me saying if I hadn't videotaped her and went up gotten assaulted but I'm in New York City where if the NYPD are breaking the law or someone else's we're free to videotape and if she didn't want to videotape all she had to do was close the door .

The problem is the constant thoughts the PTSD the stress that I do not look beautiful I don't feel beautiful I've aged 100 years.

I think your advice on the stress thoughts and meditation is just brilliant because I also fear opened up with a complete neurological breakdown like my mother who is also a victim of violence but she has a lot of stress thoughts, and Meditation is just a brilliant idea I've been trying and went to transcendental meditation – it's expensive but there will be a resource for life wherever you go if there's a meditation center you're welcome

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