*** My Top 10 Health Hacks ***

Hey guys! So good to be back!
This vlog is all about my top 10 health hacks. These are some of my go to wellness tips, some I do daily and others I aim for at least once a week!

#1 – Get exercising
#2 – Drink lemon water every morning before breakfast
#3 – Write a to do list and tick off goals as you reach them
#4 – Start your day with a healthy breakfast
#5 – Body brush daily
#6 – Moisturise body daily
#7 – Face mask weekly
#8 – Eat healthy throughout the day
#9 – Hair mask using coconut oil weekly
#10 – Get to bed early and aim for 7-8 hours of sleep

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stephanie barreca says:

Ahhh I have no motivation this week and ive been going through such a bad health run over the past month! This morning I was like 'SNAP OUT OF IT STEPH WTF' haha – So need to get back into my morning lemon water amongst other things! Love the video as always

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