Hi guys, welcome back to my channel! After a huge amount of requests I have decided to film my skincare routine. This is a lot of products and of course you don’t need to buy them all, this is just what personally works for me 🙂



Garnier Micellar Water
Decleor Aroma Cleanse
Decleor Ylang Ylang Night Balm
The Body Shop Seaweed Clay Mask
Clearasil Rapid Treatment Cream
Garnier Blackhead Clearing Wash
The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter
Precision Beauty Sonic Cleansing Brush
Decleor Mattifying Fluid
Tri-Peptox Dark Circle Cream



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Editing Software: Windows Movie Maker
Lighting: Ring Light




Kate Firth-O'Donnell says:

lol shit why is everyone either critiquing or telling her she doesnt need makeup? chill

pallav ganta says:

Omg I thought her eyebrows are gone.pls grow them

jojotorres says:

Because I have sensetive skin if I put this many products on my face it will create little bumps everywhere

miriam Hammond says:

You’ve got no acne and you’re skin is beautiful I wish I had skin like you!

Tatjana Dimitrijevic says:

I'm studying face is so oily and found a great website at Canny Cleanser Chart (look it up on google)

Robyn Dalton hair makeup says:

where did you get your face products from

Merve claudia says:

Ohhhhhhh god you are so beautiful

Emma Drew says:

4 minutes removing your make i bored wtf

Rainbow Unicorn says:


starkiller base says:

you are an idiot

Neon Rose says:

If you want clear skin you have to remember nothing happens immediately it’ll take time but to achieve this goal you’ll have to

-find and stick to a good skin care routine

-find products that suit your skin type

-wash your face twice a day no more than that!

-find a good moisture

-don’t touch your face loads that can cause acne

-remember your beautiful always good skin or not

Use this routine for a week to a month and you’ll start getting beautiful clear skin BUT remember you have to use the right products on your face (one that suit your skin type) Bye beautiful!

Chicken Soup says:

THIS is an oily skin?! Like that is PERFECT skin? If you have an oily skin why do I see zero blackheads or any shine? Why u using anti blackhead products there is not a slight blackhead on your dang face… like what? Can’t relate with this video mkay

Ajplus B says:

oooooomg so much produkts loard. All I use is water and ocasionally a mask.

Ieva B says:

To Mx:
You know, my mom never in her life put cream, make up or whatever. Nothing. Just wash face with water twice a day. What sge does is eyes eyevrows lips and hair. She is 60 now but her skin is better that any 20 old woman. Really. People dint believe me until they see. She said when she was in her teens and later on, she used everything natural (grown by herself) and home made products for making care of skin hair..and even for getting rif the unwanted hair! She says even 100% pure natural ecologic bio and so on products that are made not by yourself or local people , made for shops – are not worth (not for EVERYone).
So maybe stop looking for routines buying lots of products but look at what your skin and body really needs:)

Tyffani Bint says:

this should be like the power of makeup trend

CupcakeSwirl10 says:

I was wondering if the seaweed clay mask is good for people with sensitive oily skin

ColtTheWolf says:

Don't bother with the more expensive collagen face masks/creams, they don't help!

unicorn dab police says:

You forgot to tone

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