MY SKINCARE ROUTINE (how to get clear skin)


products I use:
cetaphil gentle cleanser
simple light moisturiser
glam glow mud mask
glam glow thirstymud
drunk elephant B hydration serum
drunk elephant glycolic night serum
tea tree gel medicated for acne
garnier micellar water

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a skin expert, this is just my skincare and how I cleared my skin
this video is NOT sponsored- all opinions are mine! Xx

Sorry for the random pastel screen, forgot to cut it out oops!!

Much love to you all x

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twitter: lilyellaburt

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  2. Hola princesa. Me. Gusta. Tu. Cuerpo. Mamy

  3. yaya new video, love you sm xoxox

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  5. How did it feel moving from england to australia x? Im from england but i really wanna move to brisbane? Xx

  6. Thank you this was amazing advice

  7. Loved this thanks ♥️


  9. Love this could u maybe film a room tour and also a q&a where we ask you on insta? Xx

  10. I am a subscriber since 2015 and every time you post a Video after a couple months I still get so excited to watch! Love your calming aura. xoxo Keep going Lily! <3

  11. How do you edit the backgrounds in your Instagram photos? X

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