My skincare routine. Beauty secrets. How old am I??!!??

Hi All,

SO here are my skincare products!! There’s a real mixture of brands and price. All the links are below for you.

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Face wash I usually use

Antonia powder

Loreal face mask

Evolve face mask

Aromatherapy face mask rose oil

Elemis resurfacing face gel face mask

Miceller water

Heliocare cream and sun block

Evolve moisturiser gift set

Clarins extra firming cream

Vitamin C serum

Antonia Burrell skin conditioner

Crystal clear skin polish

Clarins eye serum

Dermalogica overnight clearing gel

The Ordinary


Clarins beauty flash

By Terry serum

Elemis cleansing balm

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You are very beautiful !! I always thought that you were late 20's …

Louise Williams says:

Thought you were late twenties… those products are helping but you obviously have amazing genes too… What are your thoughts on botox? Myself & my husband (we are 47 & 52) have been thinking about it as we have bad wrinkles around our eyes. Tho I think we need to be religious with the products you've recommended 1st. Great info on all your vids as per, thanks xxx

katebeautyx says:

I have combination skin and I looooooove the “It cosmetic cc cream”. It has SPF 50, controls oils all days and lasts.

Hilary Clynes says:

Brilliant video and you look amazing. ……thanks for all the tips …..P.S. you look 27 xx

Aimee Matthews says:

Wow! You look fantastic! I thought you were late 20s!

Katie Bird says:

37 wow I'm suprised you look unbelievable lady! Xxx

Rachel Shepherd says:

No way your 37 you look amazing. I am similar to you I'm 31 but get told I look anywhere between 22 and 26. I'm not sure how as my skin care routine is very basic. But I think it's a family thing my mum is 58 but looks 40. But you do look incredible and gorgeous all the time.

Alison Ridout says:

Wow you look absolutely fantastic for your age hunny xx

Life As Mrs C says:

Wow! Nikki!! I thought 27/28!! Xx


No way she's 37! She looks sooo young! X

Michelle Shelly says:

I got so zoned into you talking that when you held the cream up to the camera I went to smell it LOL!

janice portee says:

there's me thinking that i'll never spend over £20 on a skin care product when im shamelessly spending over £100 on fillers and botox. ugh 🙁

Laura Cummings says:


Victoria T says:

How long should an eye serum last when used everyday. As a mature student I want to see what I May be able to afford with approximate requirements. Any advice would be great thanks Nikki

melly h says:

you have botox

Kerry O'Connor says:

37?!? No way, i thought you were late 20's! Im 24 and never really suffered with spots in my teens but now my face is full of them, i think mine is more diet related after going from a size 12 to a size 18 in a year. Thank you for your tips as always! Xx

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