my skincare routine

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  1. kween finally posted n you have glowing skin wow

  2. honestly your not a catfish, your so pretty for reals Mann


  4. wearing my catfish hoodie while watching vereena? big fkn yes.

  5. you’re so perfect omg

  6. i orded your merch and i literally cant wait

  7. Your personality is awesome i love you❤️❤️!

  8. do more school vlogs! your friends are so iconic, btw ilysm your the best

  9. we love a glowy sister

  10. how old is she?¿

  11. Reminder that that dude Charles (from her friends judge my outfits for a week video) is fine af and yall would be so cute oof

  12. Can you check my channel out

  13. We have the same curology formula lol

  14. Finally jeesh XD

  15. Those contacts are so pretty. Where do people find these colors? Is there a specific brand or website?

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