my simple skincare routine

my simple skincare routine, not much to it really!

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  1. What is the 1 product? Then exfo n cleanser?

  2. St Ives is such a meme. If you're watching this don't use that garbage. They make other good products but that is way too harsh.

  3. Your videos always have the best music! Not like other channels with the same old music, love your channel btw❤️❤️

  4. You are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  5. Pelase make a video about your eyebrown. I love u 🙂

  6. Hair routine pls

  7. please do a cute curly hair tutorial nexT! I love when your hair is all curled and quirky and I wish I knew how 2 do that shizzz : ^ )

  8. how come her eye’s inner corner are that color? They look like if she have highlighter on???

  9. I want to be your friend!!!

  10. 非常喜歡妳的影片

  11. OMG. Your hair is the CUTEST❤️

  12. If you aren’t getting that moisturizer again, what would you suggest instead?

  13. "simple routine" …..I'm just washing my face

  14. Why she is not talking

  15. aaa ive been in love w your insta and just now found your youtube.

  16. I DO NOT EXFOLIATE EVERYDAY! this isn’t my everyday skin care routine. :||

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