my simple skincare routine

my simple skincare routine, not much to it really!

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↬ IsuryGa♡ says:

What is the 1 product? Then exfo n cleanser?

Scruffy Chocobo says:

St Ives is such a meme. If you're watching this don't use that garbage. They make other good products but that is way too harsh.

Charlize Flatman says:

Your videos always have the best music! Not like other channels with the same old music, love your channel btw❤️❤️

Mackenzie D. says:

You are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Daphne medrano says:

Pelase make a video about your eyebrown. I love u 🙂

Maryam Lili says:

Hair routine pls

Molly Mulheran says:

please do a cute curly hair tutorial nexT! I love when your hair is all curled and quirky and I wish I knew how 2 do that shizzz : ^ )

J B says:

how come her eye’s inner corner are that color? They look like if she have highlighter on???

Adna Oliveira says:

I want to be your friend!!!

Lerie Va says:


eri _tree says:

OMG. Your hair is the CUTEST❤️

Chloé • says:

If you aren’t getting that moisturizer again, what would you suggest instead?

lupa says:

"simple routine" …..I'm just washing my face

Ali Almaliki says:

Why she is not talking

Jimin Park says:

aaa ive been in love w your insta and just now found your youtube.

eve frsr says:

I DO NOT EXFOLIATE EVERYDAY! this isn’t my everyday skin care routine. :||

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