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Hi beautiful friends! Today my mum is sharing another aspect of her “youthfulness” today, by showing you her current skincare routine♡ This is what personally works for her, and hopefully you found this useful! Like we mentioned, being ‘youthful’ is more than just your appearance; it’s about your mindset and how you wish you live your precious life. Every single soul is beautiful in their own way♡ I’m also so excited about the launch of my ETSY shop, where you can now find my mum’s homemade skincare! Thank you so incredibly much for your interest and support, it’s the reason why we decided to make this available online, and we truly appreciate your love with all of our hearts. Sending you much love! xxx

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Éll Gould says:

I'd still smash

Ollie Universe says:

This is like in the Sims 4 when your Sims age up from teen-young adult-adult and they still look the same.

ririsa says:


nandini nandu says:

She really looks like your sister

Saima_ 44 says:

If I ever saw you in public, I wouldn’t think you guys were mother and daughter. I would think you guys were twins.

TuTs Queen says:

Her mom looks younger than her..

DiamondZoe says:

I look older than your mom and I am 15

Manpreet Brar says:

You must be kidding us she CAN NOT be your mother

firecracker2009 says:

At 42 she shouldn't look very old anyway. The only women I see who look "worn" around that age are those who've lived very stressful lives or are druggies/alcoholics/suntanners (they start looking old in their 20s!).

behari shanti says:

Omg I am 45.. no wrinkles.. My secret… Garlic!!!

behari shanti says:

Mom looks amazing!! Daughter also..

Zai Azizova says:

Переведите кто-нибудь уход мамы..плиз

Ferra Leon says:

First time here. Can anyone tell me her is she mix? Mom look asian and she not really.

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