My In-Flight Skincare Routine – Airplane Skincare | Aja Dang

I’m Aja Dang and this is my long haul in-flight skincare routine! In this video you’ll find out what my recommended airplane skincare routine is. Here are the beauty and skincare products that I carry on with me on the plane to make sure my skin stays moisturized and dewy. These are my skin care essentials for travel and during your flight.


EO Hand Sanitizer:
PIXI Glow Peel Pads:
CREMORLAB Mineral Essence:
JOANNA VARGAS Eye Hydrating Mask:
Jade Roller:
Gua Sha Tool:
INSYTUTYM Oyster Renewal Serum:
IT COSMETICS Secret Sauce:
ROOT SCIENCE Bright Eye Serum:
FIG & YARROW Nail Salve:
IT COSMETICS Lip Treatment:


Jade Rolling vs. Gua Sha:


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tony j says:

Book a flight to me

Anastasia Milutinovic says:

love from Canada!!

Blackpinkue in your area says:

Wait,is this bussines class?? I can't do it in economy even when i'm sitting with my parents cause my parents always looks at me like "If you don't put that things right now,i'm gonna kick your butt,can't you see i'm freaking sleeping?"

abbey says:

Very extra but I love it I hope I can have a routine like this one done

Marina Montclaire says:

Can you do one sitting in economy class? Then, I might give it a try 🙂

teyacaldwell says:

I love your hoodie where is it from?

Saily Sosa says:

All I do while traveling are 3 steps you should definitely follow:
1.Eat food
2. Music
3. Look outside the window view

Moretimex says:

This plane n vid is aesthetic asf

Liam Barry says:

Most of your perfume sprays looks like they are over 100ml how did u manage to take it on a flight?

CNovakstiel says:

Isn’t that just layering product on product on product?

maryam khalid says:

Ok so no one else noticed that man in background

Holly Neslund says:

I don’t go on planes often enough to have a routine lol

Jellyologist says:

I came here to get actual tips an till I find pretty much every YouTuber fly in business or first class. Doing this stuff is impossible when you are sat between to strangers in economy class… This is useless information unless you are rich or have rich parents that buy everything you ask for.

Claudia Avila says:

me during a flight:
hair: in a twist braid
face: no makeup (i don't wear makeup anyway)
top half of body: hoodie(comfort comes first)
legs: comfy jeans
feet: fluff socks
if I look shit then deal with it because you may look good but feel terrible.

Cary Eddy says:

moisturizer, lip balm and water is all you really need

Daisy B says:

you realise that if you use 3 or 4 masks at once you won’t reap all the benefits lmfao it’s just too much for you skin over hydrating clogs your pores

Seba Arias says:

I can barely sit my ass down the economy class and you expect us to follow your skincare routine lol

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